COVID-19 IR Update

COVID-19 Vaccine info for IRs

The COVID-19 vaccine is now mandatory vaccine for all military members.  Click HERE for the full guidance update including links to the DoD and DAF guidance and memos. 

The SECAF has ordered all Airmen to be in one of the three categories below by 2 Nov (2 Dec for Reservists.  As an IMA, your active component commander can hold you to an earlier date).  
- Fully vaccinated
- Have an approved religious or medical exemption or have a viable exemption in progress
- Decline the vaccination

While in status, IMAs and PIRR can get the vaccine at their supporting Military Treatment Facility (MTF) if available and prioritized.  Members who choose to get the vaccine through a civilian medical provider should submit their paperwork showing civilian vaccine administration via myPers to the HQ RIO Medical Team so that it can be added to the member's medical records.  For more information about the vaccine, to go  For information on finding the vaccine in your local community, go to  COVID-19 vaccines are free, regardless of insurance coverage. For more information about the availability of the vaccine at the MTF, contact them directly.  

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(Current as of 29 Sep 2021. Information will be updated as needed.)


  • Reservists scheduled for military accessions courses such as Officer Training School, Basic Military Training, and tech schools will continue under revised procedures.  These courses have been designated as mission essential activities (at this writing, but this could change--look to AETC web page for further updates)

  • Reservists with future seasoning training scheduled should be in touch with their active duty units. The discretion to cancel STP resides with the active duty commanders who will determine if members on STP are mission essential for operations.
  • Reservists who have the opportunity to do ANY KIND of duty at their ASSIGNED DUTY LOCATIONS which are not in the local area where they live may be covered under this Exception to Policy from Lt. Gen. Scobee. Members do require a separate ETP if they travel to perform duty outside their assigned duty location.
  • "Local area" is determined by the installation/wing commander (not the base commander) of your assigned or attached active duty unit.  If you have questions about whether or not "local area" applies to your situation, direct those questions to your active duty supervisor and chain of command.
  • Reservists concerned about use-or-lose leave should know that the DoD has authorized service members to retain an additional 60 days, up to 120, from FY20 through the end of FY23.  You can read more HERE.
  • Members who are uncertain whether or not they should report to duty or telecommute should contact their active duty chain of command for additional guidance. Telework is an option commanders may consider when making work force decisions in the current emerging environment.
  • Every member who participates in telecommuting must have a written agreement on file. If not already on record, members should complete a telework agreement prior to beginning telecommute. Links to the telecommute form and AFI are in the HELPFUL LINKS section of this page.