IMAs are assigned to active component units, so their AC supervisors are an vital to their success.  This page will continue to be updated with training and information to assist AC supervisors with managing their IMAs' careers. 

In an effort to strengthen the lines of communication from HQ RIO to the AC supervisors, we have set up a way for the IMA (or you, the supervisor) to add your email to a mailing list.  You will receive periodic updates and communication that relate to the supervisor's role in managing an IMA.  

To join the email list, please click HERE.  

Need more information on how to effectively supervise an IMA?  Watch our virtual training course and download the slides: There are a few guides that will assist you.  The first is the IR Guide, which covers everything in detail.  In addition to the IR Guide, HQ RIO has published a number of Quick Guides aimed at providing you step-by-step "how tos" for common tasks.  You can access all of these using the buttons at the right, but here are a few that are of particular help to supervisors.


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