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HQ RIO announces IR of the Year 2022

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Tara R. Abrahams
  • HQ RIO Public Affairs
Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization is proud to announce the 2022 Individual Reservists of the Year awards for the NCO, senior NCO, and company grade and field grade officer categories.

Individual Reservists from each detachment are nominated for this prestigious award annually. Each submission is carefully review and judged by a board of senior leaders.

The following IRs worked hard toward significant accomplishments in their leadership and job performance, self-improvement, and base and community involvement. Their dedicated efforts have earned them the title of 2022 IR of the Year.

HQ RIO is pleased to announce the following Airmen as 2022’s IROY winners:
Tech. Sgt. Jessica M. Moreno, Senior Emergency Actions Controller, Component Plans & Readiness Directorate (S3/5), Peterson SFB, Colorado

Moreno’s pursuit for excellence resulted in the creation of the first ever Space Force Command Center in support of the Chief of Space Operations. She meticulously reconstructed 30 quick reaction checklists, and 23 controller basic checklists, streamlining 2 years of collaboration to meet the Department of the Air Force Directives.

She was described by her supervision as “an exceptional NCO who motivates and leads others to succeed.” In addition to her primary duties, she dedicated 92 hours towards Veteran Psychiatric Care and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. She provided medical treatment and improved the quality of life for 64 American veterans.

HQ RIO has awarded her the title of 2022 IR of the Year for the NCO category.
Senior Master Sgt. Angela M. Hermanson, Directorate Reserve/Guard Coordinator, Headquarters United States Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA)

Hermanson was instrumental in ensuring recruiting and sourcing support for the Air Reserve Component. She coordinated with the A2 divisions' leadership, supporting ARC members, and HAF/A26 resulted in over 40+ personnel processed & onboarded in record time. She surpassed all HAF required quarterly obligation rates by 100% and increased overall directorate manning by 35%.

She also managed 45 ISR IMA billets, and mentored division chiefs and Senior Enlisted Leaders while acting as a strong advocate for positions and fills with Det 8. Her proactive recruiting enabled the divisions to maximize their manpower while her dedication to the troops avoided dozens of funding and manpower disconnects and increased ARC morale.

HQ RIO has awarded her the title of 2022 IR of the Year for the SNCO category.
Capt. Elizabeth J. Garza-Guidara, Intelligence Officer, U.S. Southern Command, Doral, Florida

Garza-Guidara demonstrated superior performance in the Intelligence Directorate at U.S. Southern Command. She orchestrated operations between 16 foreign military units, three U.S. law enforcement agencies and task force headquarters. Her efforts enabled 139 arrests and seizure of 47 metric tons of drugs worth $1.1 billion and weakened four transnational crime organizations.

Additionally, she dedicated more than 400 hours to researching systemic gender violence in El Salvador, which was published as an article by the USMC University Press. She also protested structural endorsement of gender inequality and globally championed human rights.

HQ RIO has awarded her the title of 2022 IR of the Year for the CGO category.
Maj. Oriana S. Mastro, IMA to Policy/Posture Branch Chief, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command/J5, USINDOPACOM

Mastro exemplified Total Force contribution to the Operational Imperatives across the DAF by applying her globally recognized expertise as a China scholar and foreign defense analyst to bolster US national defense in preparation for the next military conflict. Her analysis and advocacy impacted OPLAN changes, updated national strategic policy relevant to the Indo-Pacific region, and increased strategic and combat readiness at the Wing, MAJCOM, Combatant Command, Service, and DoD HQ levels.

She also led the national discussion on the US-China relationship by publishing six peer-reviewed articles and book chapters; 14 commentaries in publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal; recorded 40 radio spots and podcasts; conducted nearly 40 government, academic, and private sector speaking engagements and was quoted in more than 40 news pieces.

HQ RIO has awarded her the title of 2022 IR of the Year for the FGO category.

Congratulations 2022 IRs of the Year! HQ RIO appreciates all that you do – keep up the amazing work!