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"Finding Your Sweet Spot"

Headquarters Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization

These training videos walk through a variety of Individual Reserve readiness and career management topics.
 Having a Good Participation Year (Finding Your Sweet Spot) 
Finding Your Sweet Spot
 How to send PII using AMRDEC-Safe

 Unit Reserve Coordinator

IR ALL CALL - May 2024
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AFRC Commander Lt Gen John Healy recently released his HEALY'S HELPFUL BRIEFING TIPS to assist members when briefing AFRC (or any!) leadership.  This is great information for any member who may be briefing leaders for civilian or military use. 


Ready Airmen Training

Airmen are expected to manage their own readiness training requirements and currencies. The IMA’s Active Component (AC) Unit Deployment Manager (UDM) assists the IMA with scheduling required in-person training. The UDM ensures training is updated in the system of record. It is estimated that an IMA will spend a total of 25 hours over a four-year cycle performing RAT activities, some of which will be part of their normal duty activities. There are three requirements that members must attend in person (CBRN Defense Training, Tactical Casualty Combat Care, and Small Arms Qualification).

Ready Airmen Training Requirements

Ready Airmen Training Program

Ready Airmen Training for IMAs

RIO Learning Experiences

These learning experiences walk through a variety of Individual Reserve readiness and career management topics. Click on the graphic below to open the learning experiences.  Create a new account or log in and access the learning experiences and other resources.

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Current courses include:
  • RIO Learning Experiences:
    • A Valuable IR Resource: The URC
    • Enlisted Career Progression: Force Development and Education
    • Enlisted Career Progression: Performance Evaluation
    • Enlisted Career Progression: Promotion
    • How Detachments Service IMAs
    • How to Make an Impact with Your Active Duty Unit
    • IR 101 (includes Onboarding and Websites for IRs)
    • IR ADCON
    • Leave and Leave Carryover for IRs
    • Mobilization and Volunteerism
    • Officer Career Progression
    • Onboarding for RIO Staff
    • Orders Processing for IRs
    • Participation, Points and R/R for IRs
    • Readiness
    • Reserve Pay for IRs
    • Supervising IRs
    • Travel Reimbursement for IRs

Virtual IR Orientation

vIRO Slides (May 2024)

RIO Connect

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