IR Advisory Council

IR Advisory Council

The HQ RIO Individual Reservist (IR) Advisory Council is a forum for HQ RIO leadership, RIO Detachment and Operating Location leadership, and a cross section of IRs to give a consolidated voice to all IRs. This council gives IRs the opportunity to identify issues experienced in the field, help identify IR-based solutions, and ultimately provide recommendations to the HQ RIO/CC for action.

IMAs, MAs and PIRR members from any AFSC and rank are eligible to participate. Members serve for a period of 1 year starting each FY with the option to renew membership each year with a 2-year term limit. (NOTE: This is a volunteer additional duty, not an IMA position.)

IR Advisory Council Charter

The current membership of the IR Council:

(The Governing Body and Advisory Board make up the Executive Council.)

Governing Body
HQ RIO/CC: Col Amy Boehle
HQ RIO/DO: Mr. Gary Thurman
HQ RIO/CCC: CMSgt Stacy Wilfong 

Advisory Board
Program Manager: Col GM Kuzma
RIO First Sergeant: MSgt Krystal Knight
RIO Career Advisor: MSgt Ronald Brown
RIO Public Affairs: Lt Col Erin Karl
RIO Plans & Programs: Lt Col Ryan Avery
RIO IR Orders & Pay: Lt Col Chris Humphrey
Detachment Commander Representatives: Col Kerya Reyes (primary); Col Steven Zasueta (alternate)
Detachment Superintendent Representatives: CMSgt Jessica James (primary); SMSgt Derrick Stroman (alternate)
Operating Location Program Manager Representatives: Lt Col Shanue Crouch (primary); Lt Col Amber Hreczkosij and Maj Brian McCollum (alternates)


Thank you to the 41 Individual Reservists who applied for the FY21 IR Advisory Council and congratulations to the 15 that were selected! Our RIO leadership appreciates everyone who applied and we look forward to a year of progress in making it easy for IRs to serve together. For those that are interested in participating in the council, please check back starting 15 Jun 21 for the next membership drive.

Col Jennifer Mulder, USINDOPACOM
Lt Col Krishna Easton, DISA
Lt Col Jessica Hellmeier, EUCOM
Lt Col Carrie Kessler, ACC
Maj Philip Caruso, JCS
Maj Angela Murphy, AETC
Maj Aaron Petty, AFSOC
Maj Evamarie Etzel, USSTRATCOM
CMSgt Penny Childers, USAFE
CMSgt Shawn Jones, AETC
MSgt Marcella Avans, PACOM
MSgt Corrine Kavanagh, ACC
MSgt Yvette Orellana, AFSOUTH

Virtual Idea Box

Do you have an idea or a suggestion for the IMA Program? Submit it to the HQ RIO IR Advisory Council to consider! Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and be sure to click on "Contact Me" if you would like a response.

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