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New orders request system now in use for all IRs

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  • By HQ RIO Public Affairs
We constantly strive to make it easier for IRs to serve, so we created a myPers-based orders request system.  The system is currently being used by IRs assigned to Detachments 2 and 3 and now it’s time to launch RIO-wide. 

Beginning 28 June all orders requests (AT, TDY, IDT Travel, RPA, MPA, etc.) must be submitted via this new myPers system.  If you had orders requested or pending in AROWS-R prior to 28 June, you don’t need to take any action.  They will continue to be worked.
The new system is a vast improvement from using AROWS-R.  For instance, if you require a sanctuary waiver, AT Special Request Form, or Car Rental Worksheet, they are created automatically as you input your request.  In addition, myPers is accessible without a CAC and you can even access it on your smartphone!

You will still use AROWS-R to track, print, and certify (short tour only) orders, but it makes it much easier for you to request orders using the new myPers system. 

To watch the recorded training or use the quick guide, go HERE.