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UPDATE: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines for IMAs/PIRR

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Parts of this guidance may be out of date.  Please refer to the COVID-19 IR Update page for more up-to-date information.

IR Team,
Thank you for your service and for continually asking the right questions.  As you know, reaching 7,500+ IRs is not always easy, but getting information out about the mandatory Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination is vitally important.  Please continue to stay informed and work with us and your Active Component supervisor to get the facts.  Here are some items that will be a great place to start getting answers to your questions:
DAF SecAF Memo


DoD Vaccine Attestation and Screening Guidance

COVID-19 Vaccine HQ RIO Town Hall (YouTube)

COVID-19 Vaccine Town Hall (Slides)
As you’ve probably seen, the date for Active Duty personnel to be fully vaccinated is 2 Nov.  As an IMA, you are assigned to an active component unit, and your commander has the authority to hold you to an earlier date by which you should be vaccinated. 
Some key takeaways from the guidance we’ve receive include:
- Service members are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after completing the second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine, or two weeks after receiving a single dose of a one-dose vaccine. This includes one or two-dose options authorized under EUA or full FDA approval.
- Airmen and Guardians who have proof of vaccination documented in their medical records per this definition will be considered as meeting the vaccination requirement.
- Prior to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, service members have access to healthcare providers and chaplains to address questions or concerns with COVID-19 vaccination. Additionally, commanders must consult with their servicing Staff Judge Advocate for additional guidance on vaccination non-compliance.
The guidance addresses exemptions for medical or administrative exemptions to include religious accommodations.  Work these requests through your Active Component chain of command and helping agencies.  RIO will receive the final approval of an exemption or accommodation, but you need to start this process with your supervisor as soon as possible.   
You’ve voiced questions and concerns to me and our Det/CCs and a lot of those questions can be answered by reviewing the Town Hall slides above. 
The CDC’s vaccines page can help you find the vaccine near you:
If you received your vaccination outside a military facility already or are planning to do that prior to the deadline, you can submit the documentation to your MTF or directly to us at RIO and we will update it ASAP.  To submit your documentation to us, follow the steps on page 2 of this quick guide.  When you submit, select the “Labs and Immunizations” option. This guide also has helpful info about accessing MTFs for service.
If you have not been vaccinated, on 2 Nov your ARCNet record will show “yellow” and on 2 Dec it will turn “red.”  Like many of our other readiness items (PHA, immunizations, dental, etc), you will not be allowed to perform IDTs or AT/MPA/RPA orders until you meet the requirements for being fully vaccinated and ARCNet turns “green.”  If you remain “red,” what happens next will depend on your Active Component unit in conjunction with anticipated further guidance we receive. 
I understand there are still questions you have that are not easy to answer, but know we are working on providing clarity for you.
Please continue to voice your questions and concerns and any unique situation you’re facing. 
Thanks for ALL you do! 
Col Amy Boehle
HQ RIO Commander