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Guidance for IMA supervisors with UTAPS issues

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  • HQ RIO
I have some VERY important news regarding access to UTAPS for you and your supervisors/URCS as the sunset of Internet Explorer (IE) nears. Please read this entire message.

I know this has been a hot topic of conversation, and I want you to know that we hear you and have been very busy working on a way forward. First, there are a few things you need to know.

1. While UTAPS is configured to work only in IE, it DOES HAVE FULL FUNCTIONALITY in Chrome and Edge using extensions that mimic IE. On personal computers, Edge has the IE mode in it already; Chrome has it as an available free download.
2. To access UTAPS from a personal computer, remember you MUST go through AROWS-R. This is called the “AROWS passthrough.” Once in AROWS-R, use the drop down to select UTAPS, and log in from there.
3. Many government computers, including Desktop Anywhere, have the IE mode enabled in Edge and will allow full functionality and access to UTAPS. To use the IE mode in Edge, you must first go to a website, and then select the “Reload in Internet Explorer mode” from the “…” menu on the upper right-hand corner. 
4. From a government computer, you can access UTAPS from the direct URL HERE. The biggest issue with the sunset of IE is that the IE mode in Edge is disabled in some organizations (only known to impact access at this time), making it impossible for some of our IMA supervisors and URCs to access UTAPS.
Many of you have heard over the last few years that AFRC is working on Enhanced AROWS, a replacement for AROWS-R and UTAPS. We are being told that we can expect that roll out in the fall. While we eagerly await that upgrade, we have created a workaround for those of you who have supervisors and URCs who can’t sign in to UTAPS in order to send your days to pay.
Next week HQ RIO will stand up its UTAPS Support Cell. These members will be standing by to act as Stand-In Supervisors (SIS) for you. In the event your supervisor cannot gain access to UTAPS, you will contact the HQ RIO Support Cell (contact info to follow).An SIS will contact you with instructions that will allow him or her to take care of the issue(s) for you.
More details and instructions will follow next week.
Col Edward “Chad” Segura
HQ RIO Commander