Guidance Updates


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Individual Reservists,
On 12 August 2022, Lt Gen Healy's published his first TASKORD as the new CAFR, laying out his expectations. In that document, there are tasks for all Reserve Airmen, and specific responsibilities for each echelon of command.  He has directed all AFR members to read and acknowledge they are aware of their responsibilities under this order. 
To that end, each IR must acknowledge they received and read the TASKORD and understand the timeline for deliverables by completing the below survey NLT 12 Sep 22.  This will document your understanding of the vital role we each have in maintaining readiness, and will be used to report acknowledgement status to AFR leadership.
You can read the TASKORD HERE.  (Do not use the acknowledgement link in this document.  That is for commanders only.)
You can reach the acknowledgement HERE. (This is being done via Survey Monkey.  If you have trouble reaching this from your government computer, access this from a personal computer or device and complete it there.)
As you read through the TASKORD, you will see most tasks under different command echelons are things spelled out in AFIs and are Commander's responsibilities.  For IRs, the tasks focus on maintaining personal readiness and responsiveness, and articulate what Lt Gen Healy considers important for us all to be doing as Reservists. 
Thanks for all you do for our Command.
Col Edward "Chad" Segura
HQ RIO Commander