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DTS policy change for members on MPA - on hold

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  • HQ RIO

The guidance to detach IR DTS profiles from Dets to the MPA-owning organization is paused for the time being, awaiting further guidance from AFRC.  During this pause, DTS profiles will remain with the Dets.  When new or updated guidance is released, we will post it here.
In the meantime, new MPA orders may be requested through myPers and processed in AROWS-R with an accompanying Fund Cite Authorization Letter (FCAL).  The FCAL must detail all entitlements and be signed by the MPA unit's Resource Advisor (RA).  Existing orders will not be affected at this time. 


Members on MPA will now be attached to the supported unit’s DTS hierarchy.

An exciting change has happened!  Members on MPA orders will now have their DTS profiles released by their detachments and gained by the unit they are supporting for the duration of the tour.  This will allow the ability to use DTS to create TDY orders and have the unit process and pay for them through the AC DTS system. 

HERE is a quick guide with all the details.

For those who have already had their MPA orders for FY 23 approved, there are contact emails on the quick guide for you to email your detachment and take care of the DTS profile “catch and release.” 

If you have questions about how this may affect you for an current or upcoming MPA tour, contact your detachment ODTA (see the quick guide).  Your MPA-supported unit’s ODTA can also assist you once your profile has been gained there.  

It’s now more important than ever that you give your Det plenty of time to cut your MPA orders to allow this DTS change to happen.  Remember that you cannot travel for MPA orders without an approved DTS Authorization or a VOCO signed by the CC.