Guidance Updates

Limited accessibility for AROWS-R

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  • HQ Readiness and Integration Organization
At present, AROWS-R cannot be accessed by members who visit the site directly from their personal computers. However, there are alternative ways to attempt to access the system:
  1. Desktop Anywhere (DA)
  2. USAF VPN (currently the JRSS VPN is not allowing AROWS-R access either)
  3. NIPR-connected computer on an Air Force network. (Networks run by sister services are also not allowing access.) 
If you normally use the “AROWS-R passthrough” on your personal computer to reach UTAPS, please note that is currently unavailable as well.
If you experience issues with the alternative ways to access AROWS-R, here are some workarounds:
  • To obtain a copy of your orders, reopen your orders request case in myFSS and request a copy.  Link HERE.
  • To submit orders for pay, have your supervisor manually sign your orders (either digital or wet) and submit them for processing through myFSS. Use the RPO Request link HERE.
  • To generate pay for IDTs, download and complete a 40A form, obtain all three signatures, and submit your signed 40A through the myFSS RPO Request link HERE.
  • If you need to have IDTs scheduled, approved, deleted, or any UTAPS-related issues, contact your UTAPS-assigned supervisor.  He/she can do everything you can do in UTAPS.  If your supervisor needs assistance, contact the UTAPS Support Cell at  They can help.
We will keep you updated on the status of this specific AROWS-R functionality restoration.

In the meantime, if you don’t have access to a government computer, consider downloading Desktop Anywhere to your personal computer.  Desktop Anywhere is a program available to most Air Force members (must have an AFNET account).  You can find the downloads and information on the Air Force Portal.