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HQ RIO/ARPC leadership plan det visits to talk digital transformation

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HQ AF/A1 is in the process of transitioning all personnel systems currently located on the myPers website onto the myFSS and myVector platforms. This Digital Transformation Initiative directly impacts how we serve Airmen and, as such, it is the number one priority for ARPC and HQ RIO.

The Air Force has been transitioning to the new platforms for quite some time.  Some functions, such as fitness and decorations have already transitioned to the new platform and are being used successfully by Airmen today. Other functions, such as evaluations, did not flow smoothly and needed to be reworked. Still other functions are currently in development and will transition to the myFSS/myVector platforms in the next several months. Please know, in all cases, RIO is connected and working consistently with the applicable organizations to address IR equities and do everything possible to ensure these functions will work correctly.

The deadline for transferring these functions is 30 April 2023; this is when the myPers system will shut down.

While the crucial HQ RIO processes of pay, orders, travel, and medical are on track to move to myFSS before MyPers sunsets, there may be personnel functions we will not be able to transfer before myPers shuts down and ARPC is developing alternate processing solutions for them.  In addition, both HQ RIO and ARPC are also developing backup processing solutions for any functions that transition to the new platforms but experience unexpected errors. We will provide more details on these solutions once they are finalized.

These circumstances will directly impact both you and our technicians as they seek to submit and process personnel and pay actions. We will be sure to openly and frequently communicate at multiple levels to keep you informed as we work together to navigate this transition period. This will include transition timelines for each function, information on how you will utilize these new platforms, updates on any issues we encounter, and publication of the tools and training opportunities that will be made available.

You can always get the most up-to-date information about the myFSS transition of HQ RIO processes HERE.
In order to help get the word out and answer your questions, HQ RIO and ARPC leadership will be visiting each detachment in the coming months.  Below is the current schedule.  If dates change, they will be updated here. 

You may attend any visit that works for your location and time; they are not limited to only members assigned to that particular detachment.

When the specific date, time, and location for each detachment’s all call is settled, it will be updated here.

Det 8 (Ramstein, Germany):
All Call was held Friday, 24 Feb at 1000 at Foulois Auditorium in the USAFE Conference Center
Det 5 (Robins AFB, Ga.)
All Call scheduled for Wednesday, 15 March at 1300 at the Robinson Conference Center Annexes
Det 3 (Peterson AFB, Co.) 
All Call scheduled for Monday, 20 March at 0930 at The Hub (formerly Peterson Club), 260 Glasgow Avenue #1013
Det 4 (Scott AFB, Ill.)
All Call scheduled for Thursday, 23 March at 0900 and 1230 at the Scott Clinic Auditorium
Det 2 (Hickam AFB, Hawaii)
All Call scheduled for Tuesday, 4 April at 1300 at the Hickham Chapel, 180 Kuntz Avenue
Det 7 (JB Anacostia-Bolling)
All Call scheduled for Thursday, 13 April at 0930 at the Bolling Club/Community Center, 50 Theisen Street
Det 6 (MacDill AFB, Fla.)
All Call scheduled for Thursday, 20 April at 1030 at the Bldg 6 Auditorium, Room 124, 7501 Hangar Loop Drive