Mode of Transportation

The order will specify the mode of transportation authorized for travel to and from the duty station. When mode of transportation is "government transportation directed" and not used, it will not be reimbursed for travel.

If the member elects to use POV/POC to travel to and from the duty location, it must be authorized in the order as more advantageous to the government. When travel is by POV, and not more advantageous to government, reimbursement will be limited to the constructive cost of travel.  Keep in mind that although the cost of the travel itself (mileage compared to air fare) might be less expensive, the cost of additional days of pay and benefits needed to drive vs fly are also considered.  Generally if the trip is more than 400 miles, the orders will authorize air travel and not driving.

IRs are required to procure tickets from a government Contracted Travel Office (CTO). Members should use the CTO that services their unit of assignment. Be sure to tell them you’re a Reservist; that allows you to make reservations without approved orders. You will need to provide the CTO a copy of the approved orders at least 3 days prior to travel.

If you need help finding a phone number for your unit of assignment's CTO, you can look HERE

NOTE: Exception is when traveling VOCO or the member did not have an opportunity to contact one of the 24-hour CTOs. In this situation, a ticket may be purchased directly from the airline, asking for the city pair or government rate, whichever is lower, and paid for with a Government Travel Card (GTC). Be aware that reimbursement will be dependent upon full justification regarding the emergency nature of the travel and why purchase through a CTO was impossible. Reimbursement is limited to the cost of the ticket or the price of the government would have paid, whichever is less.

Corporate Limits

Travel and/or transportation allowances are not authorized for travel between the home of record (HOR) and the duty location when both are in the corporate limits of the same city or town, the member commutes daily between the two locations, or the order-issuing official/installation commander determines that both are within reasonable commuting distance of each other and that the nature of the duty involved permits commuting.

Commuting Area (Mileage Only)

Members commuting are authorized the applicable automobile or motorcycle mileage rate, for one round trip between the duty station and home, place of unit assignment, or place from which called or ordered to active duty. Members with a question about the commuting distance for a particular location should go by the distance determined by the location’s installation commander.

When Item 17 of the AF Form 938 is marked "Commuting Area," the IR may file for reimbursement for mileage of one round trip only regardless of how many duty days performed. Completethe blanks in the mileage statement in the remarks section of AF Form 938.  Reimbursement will be made by the RPO with military pay entitlement. NOTE: This only applies to members performing duty in the commuting area only. TDY members must file for travel reimbursement through the IR Travel office.

Travel Days

One travel day is authorized at the beginning of a tour only. However if a reservist cannot reach their home of residence (HOR) before midnight on the last day of the order, the IR can request a return travel day and/or may request a modification through their Detachment orders writer for the return travel day. To save travel days, AC unit supervisors or the orders approving officials may permit late reporting during the morning of the first duty day and early release during the afternoon on the last duty day. Travel is not expected to commence prior to 0600 or after 2400.

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