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myFSS Transition Information and Workarounds

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This page will be the "hub" for all updated information about the myPers to myFSS transition, since it will take time to update the various pages and references to myPers on this site.  You can also check the ARPC Digital Transformation page for updates from them.

myPers Transition infographic

If you haven’t yet, login to myFSS through the Air Force Portal under Career & Training (or using this LINK) using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Select the Command Access Card (CAC) Login icon to begin the login process. The platform will automatically create your account upon the first login, please note: it may take up to 24hrs to build your profile. If you see your name displayed on the landing page upon login, your account/profile is active.

Once in myFSS, use the search bar at the top and type "IMA Management," or find the myIMA tile near the bottom of the landing page.  This will take you to a knowledge article that contains direct links to all the IMA/PIRR-related tasks in myFSS.  Get in the habit of doing this, rather than trying to search for the direct link for the task you're looking for.  Much like the "IMA Management" link on the homepage of myPers, using the search feature for "IMA Management" or the myIMA tile will ensure you always get up-to-date links and information about IMA/PIRR tasks on myFSS. 

Here are the current IMA/PIRR tasks available in myFSS.  The hyperlinks will take you directly to that process:

AFR IMA HQ RIO Request - This page allows you to send a request to directly to HQ RIO Headquarters.

AFR Submit Inquiry to RIO Detachment - This page allows you to send a request directly to your servicing RIO detachment.

AFR Readiness and Integration Organization Host Aviation Resource Management Program -  The HQ RIO Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) office is the Aviation Resource 41 Management Office for IR aircrew members.

AFR RIO Travel - This page allows IRs to submit travel vouchers for reimbursement and ask questions related to travel. 

AFR RIO Medical - This page allows IRs to submit medical documentation for update and submit requests/ask questions regarding medical readiness, MEDCON, LODs, etc.  

IMA Reserve Pay - This page allows IRs to submit pay and leave documentation for update and submit requests/ask questions related to pay.

Orders Writing Cell Request - The page allows IRs to submit orders requests.  

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