Long Tour (More Than 30 Days)

Order submission – In order to issue a Leave Authorization Number (LAN), pre-certified orders must be submitted via a MyFSS case.

Once the pre-certified orders are processed by the Active Duty Pay Team, it can take 5 to 10 business days for your leave record to be updated.
Long Tour Order Leave Accrual - Members earn 2.5 days of leave per month.
Projected Leave – The projected amount the member will accrue over the entirety of their tour.
Tracking Leave Balance – This is the responsibility of the member. You may request a leave audit via a MyFSS case at any time.
Back-To-Back Orders – If the member has back-to-back orders (no break between orders), leave will continue to accrue through the end of the new order.
Break Between Orders – If the member has a break between orders, a leave carryover package will need to be submitted to move leave from one order to another. See information on leave carryovers below.
Advance Leave – If the member does not currently have enough leave accrued but will earn enough leave to cover the requested leave before the end of their order, the member may request advanced leave. Section II of the AF Form 988 Part I must be completed. Advance leave requests should be submitted as early as possible.
Excess Leave and Leave Debt – When possible, excess leave should be avoided. If the member is charged excess leave, they will be charged at their daily base pay rate, pay and entitlements, plus leave penalties. This is why it is extremely important for the member to ensure they turn in their AF Form 988 Part Is as early as possible and track their leave balance.

Order Curtailment and Excess Leave – A modification curtailing your order must be submitted via a MyFSS case to the Active Duty Pay Team. Additionally, the member must submit an AF Form 988 part III(s) in a MyFSS case to cancel any previously requested leave that will no longer be used due to the curtailment. This is to avoid any possible excess leave.
Leave Submission – Leave requests must be submitted via a MyFSS case. Each leave request requires its own ticket for auditing and tracking purposes.

The processing time for leave requests is 5 to 7 business days.
Common Mistakes That Can Increase Processing Time:
  • Missing outstanding AF Form 988 Part III(s)
  • Missing blocks 8 and/or 14
  • Missing signatures in block 21 and/or block 25

AF Form 988 Part III – Members are required to submit their AF Form 988 part III on the first duty day after their leave ends. They must be submitted in a separate MyFSS case. Additionally, leave numbers will not be issued if the member has any missing outstanding AF Form 988 Part IIIs.