MPA Orders

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Requesting MPA Orders

MPA are orders that are funded by the active component. The MPA orders process begins with the unit MPA man-day manager submitting a request for the IR to perform duty in the Manpower MPA Man-day Management System (M4S). The IR is given an M4S Task ID which he/she then enters in an AROWS-R orders request.

When requesting MPA orders that require travel and per diem, the IR needs to work with the MPA-owning organization to have them "cross org" the units Line of Accounting (LOA) and the DTSs routing list.  This will allow the IR to see that LOA and routing list in their DTS profile and select it when using the MPA-owning units fund for travel. Previously members were instructed to do a "catch and release" of the IR's DTS profile between the detachment and the MPA-owning unit.  This is no longer allowed. 

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Annual Tour Orders
- Deadline for submission
- Annual Tour Special Request Form (ATSRF)
- IDTs in Conjunction

MPA Orders
- Fund Cite Authorization
- M4S Task ID

RPA Orders
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- School Tours

TDY Orders
- Requesting TDY Orders

PCS Orders
- Household Goods

Verbal Orders of the Commander (VOCO)
- VOCO Process

Telecommuting Orders
- Telecommute Agreement
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myFSS Orders Request
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- Requesting orders

AROWS-R Information
- Tracking your orders
- Printing your orders

Order Modifications
- Reasons for a modification
- How to request a modification or cancellation
- Submitting date change mods to RPO

Routing Information
- How is an order routed?
- When is it routed?
- Online Training
- Sanctuary Waiver
- Fund Cite Authorization Letter
- Modes
- Justification
- Corporate Limits/Commuting
- Travel Days

Per Diem
- Government Lodging
- Government Meals
- Non-Availability

Special Authorizations
- Rental Cars
- In/Around Travel
- Registration/Conference Fees
- Actual Expense Allowable (AEA)
- Variations
- Dual Lodging
Certifying Short Tours
- AROWS-R TODC - member
- AROWS-R TODC - certifier
- Troubleshooting

Certifying Long Tours
- Pre-Certification
- Final Certification
- Submission Instructions
Orders Guidance
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- Contacts for Orders Writers

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