Household Goods (HHG) Transportation

A member is entitled to HHG transportation or non-temporary storage (NTS) when ordered to perform a PCS move, subject to conditions specified in the JTR. The Government’s HHG transportation obligation is limited to the cost of the completed movement of HHG equal in weight to a member’s weight allowance (determined by Transportation Management Office [TMO]) in one lot between authorized places at the lowest overall cost to the Government. You must contact a Transportation Management Office (TMO) for a Personal Procured Move (PPM), formally known as a Do-It-Yourself (DITY) move. TMO will instruct you on the required documents and compute your entitlement. NOTE: For reimbursement of the PPM, a completed DD Form 2278 with all supporting documents provided by TMO must be submitted to the IR Travel Office for Payment. Please ensure that sections 10-12 of the DD Form 2278 are completed and that a copy of your PCS orders accompany the package. 

For more information on PCS entitlements, click HERE

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