Special Authorizations

Rental Cars

When requesting a rental car for AT, IRs must also complete the AT Special Request form Rental Car Justification Worksheet. For MPA, the rental car must be specifically listed on the FCAL.

In/Around Travel at Duty Location

POV/POC vicinity travel is travel performed in and around the immediate vicinity of the TDY location and must be authorized in the order.

Vicinity travel must be itemized on the travel voucher. The member must furnish actual distance traveled, dates for round trips daily between lodging and place of duty, as well as trips to dining establishments when suitable dining is not near lodging or duty. If a member traveled the same trip more than once, he/she may list the item once, showing how many trips were made (i.e. 3 trips from billeting to duty @ 5 miles round trip).

A member who travels by commercial means is entitled to reimbursement of the actual and necessary expenses incurred for: taxi cabs, metro fares and other fares paid for local public transportation.

NOTE: If a member is NOT authorized vicinity travel on orders, the orders approving official must sign in the approving official signature block of the DD Form 1351-2. The AO must add the “vicinity travel is authorized to perform mission required duties” remark in Block 29.

Registration/Conference Fees

When requesting conference fees for orders, IRs must be prepared to include the conference documentation that lists the total registration/conference fee and identifies the number and types of meals and/or nights lodging that the fee includes when filing for reimbursement.

Actual Expense Allowance (AEA)

Actual Expense Allowance (AEA) reimburses the member for the actual cost of food and/or lodging when exceeding the maximum per diem allowance. Detachment CCs have approval authority for AEA expenses for IRs, up to 150% of the normal allowance and is a rare exception due to extenuating circumstances. This is not a continuing blanket approval for travel to high cost areas or to cover expenses caused by personal convenience or preference. Ignorance of per diem rates is not a consideration, and each request is carefully reviewed to ensure no alternative was available.

Requests for AEA Prior to Tour
Applications for AEA should be submitted in addition to the AROWS-R request and contain the following information:
- Specific reason for travel
- Whether meetings with technical, professional, or scientific organizations are involved
- Whether international conferences or meetings are involved
- Names and titles of foreign governmental contacts, if any
- Proposed itinerary showing complete identification of places to be visited, the length of duty at each place, and inclusive dates of travel
- Information as to any special arrangements which have been made such as provisions for use of special government quarters, messes, open messes, motels, restaurants, etc.
- Current daily locality per diem rates projected or actual daily costs and the difference between the two - Reasons normal accommodations within the prescribed per diem allowance will not suffice and efforts made to obtain accommodations within the per diem rate
- Name and phone number of individual who may be contacted concerning this request

Requests for AEA after tour
For AEA requests after travel has been performed, IRs must submit an OF 1164, Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business, to the Detachment CC, with the questions above answered and copies of any appropriate receipts attached. These claims may also be approved with an MFR signed by the Det CC submitted with the DD Form 1351-2. Approved forms should be forwarded for payment to IR Travel. Any formal training requests, not unit funded, must be approved by HQ AFRC/A1KE through the Detachment CC. Contact the Detachment CC with any questions regarding reimbursement.


Variations allow a reservist to travel to more than one duty location within the originally approved time period on an order. The requests must be approved prior to publishing the order. If variations are authorized for MPA tours it must be authorized on the M4S allocation and listed on the FCAL. Variations are not authorized for VOCO orders. Each location must be listed as a separate stop in the duty location section of the orders request within AROWS-R. Contact the Detachment CC with any questions about variations authorization.

Dual lodging

Dual lodging may only be authorized/approved in limited circumstances when it is necessary for a traveler to retain lodging at one TDY location (Location A) for other than personal convenience and procure lodging at a second TDY location (Location B) on the same calendar day. Dual lodging exists to cover lodging expenses that arise because of unexpected circumstances beyond the member’s control during TDY travel. Dual lodging must be approved after the fact by an amended order or by the AO on the travel voucher. Any period of dual lodging reimbursement is limited to a maximum of seven consecutive days.

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