Participation Requirements

FY Requirement

Fiscal Year (FY) participation requirements, AT and IDTs, are mandatory for IRs to remain active in the billet occupied. They must be performed within an FY, 1 October to 30 September, and are specific to the reserve billet the member occupies. Reservists can find their FY requirements printed in the remarks section of the assignment order or by contacting the servicing URC or Detachment if uncertain (see Table 3.1. Participation Requirements by Reserve Section ID). IRs who do not meet FY participation must submit a participation waiver request to their Detachment CC to waive or substitute their requirements. PIRR members DO NOT have an FY training requirement.

R/R Year Requirement

R/R dates vary from member to member and are used to determine satisfactory years for the purpose of retirement. If a member is assigned on or after 1 October 1995, an R/R date is established as the date of initial entry into uniformed service, however, a new R/R date may be established if an assignment is from an inactive status.
An R/R year begins on one day of one year and ends on the preceding day of the next year. For example, for a member with an R/R of 1 July: if the first day began on 1 July 2020, then the R/R year would conclude on 30 June 2021.
The R/R date is found on assignment orders, Career Data Brief (CDB), or by reviewing a point summary via the Point Credit Accounting Reporting System (PCARS). PCARS is accessible through the vMPF through the AFPC Secure link which can be accessed on the Air Force Portal or myPers website.


The R/R year is considered "good" if you earn 50 points, regardless of what type of days you do/how they’re earned.  The FY year is considered "good" if you complete your AT and IDT requirement for your assigned IMA position; any other type of work (MPA, RPA, points-only IDT) has no effect on your FY year. 

If you want to meet BOTH of these requirements each year, perform your AT and IDTs in your own SWEET SPOT.

If your R/R date falls between April 1st and October 1st, your SWEET SPOT runs from October 1st, through the winter, until the day before your (next) R/R date.  You must perform your AT and IDTs in your first fiscal year as an IMA, in addition to within your SWEET SPOT.

Otherwise, your SWEET SPOT runs from your R/R date, through the summer, until September 30th.

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  • SWEET SPOT Calculator **There is a known issue in which the calculated R/R date is one day BEFORE what it should be. This will be fixed as soon as possible.**
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