Participation, Substitutions & Excusal Waivers

Participation, Substitutions & Excusal Waivers

IRs who are unable to comply with FY minimum requirements may submit a participation waiver. All waivers for requirements must be submitted in advance for consideration. The Detachment CC may authorize waivers, reassign members, or recommend reassignment or discharge IAW AFI 36-2115 and AFI 36-3209. Waiver requests are initiated by the member and staffed through the member’s assigned Active Component organization to the Detachment CC for final approval/disapproval. Waivers may be submitted for the following reasons: substitutions or excusals.

Substitutions waivers must be submitted and approved in advance of tour start date, and are used in cases where members are on orders (MPA, RPA, school, etc.) and may not have schedule availability to complete their FY requirements.  See the template for more information. 

Excusals are used for personal hardship or other extraordinary circumstances. NOTE: Having a participation waiver doesn’t necessarily authorize a member a good R/R year; instead, it gives a member a good FY requirement in the IR program, so that they aren’t subject to reassignment to the IRR discharge. R/R participation requirements are not waiverable.

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