One point is given for each full day of active duty, RPA (AT, Active Duty for Training [ADT], Active Duty for Operational Support [ADOS], School) and Military Personnel Appropriation (MPA) tours. In addition, the member will receive 1 point for days on which official travel is authorized.

Members earn one point for each 4-hr period of IDT, but no more than 2 points in a 24 hours period.  

IRs may qualify for retirement point credit through enrollment and completion of Extension Course Program (ECP) courses. Points are based on the credit study hour allocation for each volume and/or course exam; 1 point per 3 credit study hours. A4L reports satisfactory course completion to Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) for inclusion into reserve records.

For more detailed information on points, refer to the IR Guide or this myPers points information page. 

To view your Points Credit Summary (PCARS), follow this PCARS Quick Guide

Ninety days before R/R year close out, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members will receive a reminder to check their points to ensure they are on track for satisfactory fiscal and retention/retirement years. The notification also serves as a reminder to verify all duty for your current R/R year has been scheduled. If members are not receiving this notification, please ensure your .mil and personal email addresses are current in vMPF. 

Each member will access the vMPF online to view their points and service history. If errors are identified, members will access the virtual Personnel Center - Guard Reserve (vPC-GR) Dashboard and submit supporting documents through the Retirement Points Changes/Corrections link below. This application provides the member the capability to request changes or corrections to current R/R year points or service history. It is the member’s responsibility, when requesting a correction, to submit documentation (i.e. DD Form 214, NGB 23B, Sister Service Point Summary, LES, Certified Orders, etc.) to support the change.

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