Family Care Plan

Family Care Plan

Single parents, dual military couples with dependents, and members with civilian spouses who have unique family situations, as determined by the commander, must complete an AF Form 357 Family Care Certification. Member should provide a copy of their AF Form 357 and any other requested related documents to their Active Duty First Sergeant.

IR’s must notify their Commander or First Sergeant within 90 days of a change in personal status of family circumstances such as:
Birth of a child
Adoption of a child
Loss of a spouse
Enlistment or commissioning in the military (AC or RC) or employment in the CEW of a spouse that results in the Member and spouse becoming a dual-Member couple with responsibility for dependent family members.
Absence of a spouse through career or job commitments or other personal reasons that result in the Member assuming responsibility for dependent family members.
Assumption of sole care for an elderly or disabled family member.
Complete, revise, or recertify the family care plan upon arrival at a new unit, notification of assignment, when personal status or family
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Defense Health Agency Memo regarding access for Reservists to AC MTFs
- HQ RIO CC Memo regarding access for Reservists to AC MTFs  

Utilize ARCNet: Go to ARCNet and click on “Readiness” and then “My Readiness Report” to check your overall readiness such as medical, physical fitness assessment date and security clearance. 

THIS MESSAGE was sent out in May 2023 detailing IR access and issues with medical and dental readiness.  
IRs can review their entire medical readiness report at the Individual Medical Readiness Website.

Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs)
Labs and Immunizations
Access to MTFs
Line of Duty Determination (LOD)

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