Fitness Testing and Body Composition

Fitness Testing and Body Composition

You are required to maintain a current Physical Fitness Assessment. Contact your Active Duty Unit Fitness Program Manager to schedule your test.
Your fitness test information can be accessed on the new myFitness on the new myFSS platform. The myFSS website can be accessed from the AFPC secure sites.  

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BLUF: The AF is currently reviewing AFMAN 36-3912, Air Force Body Composition Program. As coordination is still on-going, we want to get you some interim guidance to share with IRs across the force, as well as your active component organizations, to ensure they are aware of the latest. This interim guidance was coordinated with the IR Strategy Office (ISO) as well as AFRC/A1Z.
1) All IR members (IMAs and PIRR/Cat-E) are charged with a personal responsibility to accomplish an initial Body Composition Assessment (BCA) NLT 30 Sep 2024.
2) All IR members are responsible for completing this requirement in a qualified duty status (paid or points-only).
3) Although the initial Body Composition Program (BCP) guidance indicates this requirement must be completed within the member’s birth month, IRs have been granted permission to deviate from this requirement.
-- AC orgs will be responsible for scheduling and tracking this requirement for their assigned IRs.
-- IRs are not required to re-schedule AT or IDTs to perform duty during their birth month for the sole purpose of completing their initial BCA.
-- IRs will accomplish their initial BCA during their next regularly scheduled duty with their AC org. This initial measurement will establish a “baseline” from which the annual requirement will be set and tracked from that point going forward.
-- IRs should execute annual BCAs within their minimum participation requirements for their position (i.e. 12x AT days & 24 or 48 IDTs determined by their position).
-- IRs who are on RPA or MPA tours during their respective birth month are encouraged to complete the BCA during that time.
-- IRs can accomplish their BCA at another location, but need to be aware that not all locations will be willing to accommodate.
-- IRs can accomplish their Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) and BCA within the same duty timeframe (same month), but some locations may insist the two be at least one duty day apart.
-- IRs can accomplish their BCA in a points-only status, provided their supervisor approves, and UTAPS is updated accordingly.

Readiness Navigation

Defense Health Agency Memo regarding access for Reservists to AC MTFs
- HQ RIO CC Memo regarding access for Reservists to AC MTFs  

Utilize ARCNet: Go to ARCNet and click on “Readiness” and then “My Readiness Report” to check your overall readiness such as medical, physical fitness assessment date and security clearance. 

THIS MESSAGE was sent out in May 2023 detailing IR access and issues with medical and dental readiness.  
IRs can review their entire medical readiness report at the Individual Medical Readiness Website.

Periodic Health Assessments (PHAs)
Labs and Immunizations
Access to MTFs
Line of Duty Determination (LOD)

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