Line of Duty Determination (LOD)

Line of Duty Determination (LOD)

For IRs, the line of duty (LOD) determination is used to establish, manage, and authorize healthcare for any illness, disease, injury or death incurred or aggravated by serving in a military status during their Reserve commitment. IRs may be entitled to hospital benefits and medical pensions in certain circumstances. When IRs incur or aggravate an injury, illness or disease while serving in a duty status, the medical condition must promptly be reported within 24 hours to the member’s commander, servicing medical facility/unit and HQ RIO/IRM. When not in a duty status, the medical condition must be promptly reported (within 72 hours or less) to the member’s commander, servicing medical facility/unit and HQ RIO/IRM. HQ RIO/IRM can perform guidance on if a full LOD is needed and provide direction for processing or if the condition can be documented administratively. Failure to report the condition within 72 hours will require written explanation from the IR to their Commander and servicing MTF. A copy of the written explanation will be sent to HQ RIO/IRM to become part of the LOD package. After release from a military status, IRs have 180 days to ensure a condition is reported for LOD determination consideration. After 180 days, the only avenue for addressing unreported conditions is through the VA.

The Line of Duty is a member driven process and it is the responsibility of the member to provide all supporting documentation. The LOD package is submitted to the HQ RIO/IRM office. Requirements include: all medical documentation pertaining to the injury or illness; a copy of the certified orders or AF Form 40A to show the member’s status during the period of the injury or illness; the AF Form 348 completed through signature of the AD Unit Commander (Part III, line 23. a .b. & c.); Medical Provider Form; Member LOD Initiation Form; Briefings. Once received, all documentation will be routed for official adjudication of In Line of Duty or Not In Line of Duty. Documentation is submitted via this myFSS link

IRs are to contact the servicing Detachment or HQ RIO/IRM for more specific guidance for processing LODs.

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Utilize ARCNet: Go to ARCNet and click on “Readiness” and then “My Readiness Report” to check your overall readiness such as medical, physical fitness assessment date and security clearance. 

THIS MESSAGE was sent out in May 2023 detailing IR access and issues with medical and dental readiness.  
IRs can review their entire medical readiness report at the Individual Medical Readiness Website.

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Line of Duty Determination (LOD)

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