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IRs are generally not required to schedule an appointment to have a lab drawn at the MTF; however, they must be in military status at the time of the lab draw. There are two types of labs required for all military personnel, one-time labs and biennial HIV screening. One-time labs are drawn once and include: blood type and Rh factor, G6PD, Sickle Cell, and DNA sample. One time labs do not have a due period and will show “red” or “not ready/overdue”. The biennial HIV screening is due every 24 months and will show “yellow” or “due” for 90 days before showing “red” or “not ready/overdue.” RHRP is not approved to draw HIV labs for IR members (they cannot be done at a civilian provider unless the member was referred to do so by the MTF). Members can submit documents and requests for labs via this myFSS link.


IRs are generally not required to schedule an appointment to receive immunizations at the MTF, however an IR must be in military status at the time immunizations are received at an MTF (IRs electing to receive immunizations from a civilian provider must provide that documentation to the servicing MTF). It is highly encouraged to call the immunization clinic before arriving to ensure they have the vaccination in stock that you are required to receive. Exemptions may be placed on a case-by-case basis and will require medical documentation dictating why the exemption is required. Exemptions may be placed for the following reasons: a positive titer (lab test), pregnancy, or history of anaphylaxis (allergic reaction) to the vaccine or its components.

Refer to Table 6.2 in the IR Guide for a list of routine immunizations required for all personnel. This also outlines the length the requirement will show “yellow” or “due.” After the “due” period has passed, the requirement will show “red” or “not ready/overdue.” Other immunizations maybe required for deployments and are driven by the location of the deployment or may be required for a specific duty position and/or unit. Each member’s ARCNet report will specifically identify what immunization is needed. If an IR is in need of a required immunization they may utilize the Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP) to see a civilian-contracted provider to obtain the needed immunization. IRs may contact RIO/IRM for information on program entitlements. Members can submit documents and requests for immunizations via this myFSS link.

Immunizations and when they are due are also available on myIMR under Immunizations (this also shows the last time they were given and the next time they will be due, even if still showing green, increases ability to plan ahead).

Flu Shots

IRs are required to receive a flu shot every year beginning every September and ending in January. IRs can receive a flu shot at a MTF if they are in a participating status such as IDT/AT/MPA/RPA. If they are not in status during this time, the IR should receive a flu shot from their civilian provider but must provide proof of immunization to their servicing MTF or to RIO/IRM by going to this myFSS link. Proof of immunization should include the IR’s name, last 4 of their Social Security Number (SSN), type of vaccine administered, date and who administered the vaccine, and vaccine lot number.

Readiness Navigation

Defense Health Agency Memo regarding access for Reservists to AC MTFs
- HQ RIO CC Memo regarding access for Reservists to AC MTFs  

Utilize ARCNet: Go to ARCNet and click on “Readiness” and then “My Readiness Report” to check your overall readiness such as medical, physical fitness assessment date and security clearance. 

THIS MESSAGE was sent out in May 2023 detailing IR access and issues with medical and dental readiness.  
IRs can review their entire medical readiness report at the Individual Medical Readiness Website.

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Labs and Immunizations
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