Enlisted Uniform Replacement

Enlisted Uniform Replacement

Enlisted Individual Reservists are eligible for uniform replacements for issued items only once every three years, IAW AFI 23-101, Material Management, AFRC Supplement, under the Fair Wear and Tear (FWT) Replacement. Requests for uniform replacement are is submitted on the AF 656, the order is placed in KYLOC and uniforms are mailed to members ready to wear.

NOTE: Due to FY budgeting, all request must be submitted no later than Aug. 31 for processing but may not be approved due to funding constraints.

Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) will be an initial issue for enlisted Individual Reservists according to the fielding plan released by AFRC. 

As an Enlisted IR member, you are eligible to receive the following OCP items once every 3 years:
- 2 Patrol Caps
- 4 OCP Coats
- 4 OCP Trousers
- 1 Pair of Non-Steel Toe Coyote Brown Boots
- 5 Undershirts
- 4 Pairs of Socks
- 5 Name Tapes
- 4 USAF Tapes
- 4 Rank Insignias
- 4 OCP US Flags
Please keep in mind the following PRIOR to requesting your OCPs:
- If female sizes are ordered, you may only exchange them for female sizes and not unisex sizes. Same rules apply if you request unisex sizes.
- Try uniforms on whenever possible prior to submitting your request. If you require an exchange, you will be responsible paying for shipping the items back to KYLOC.
- Ensure you provide an up to date address on the AF656 and Uniform Agreement – no overseas addresses will be accepted unless the address are APO/APE type boxes.
- Boot sizes are in men’s sizes. We encourage Female members to go to nearest BX to try boots on or order 2 sizes down.

Please use the OCP - AF Form 656 CLOTHING REQUEST AND RECEIPT to make your request.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Enlisted IRs
  • Replacements authorized once every three years for issue items ONLY

‚ÄčRequest process:

Airman completes and Signs AF Form 656, IR uniform agreement, and submits request via myFSS.

Request contents:

  • Completed AF Form 656
    • Provide your ETS date in the ETS Block (must have 180 days from DOS)
    • Provide quantity (reference AFI 36-3014, Attachment 3, Table A3.1 (male) Table A3.2 (female) for authorized quantity)
    • Provide the size
    • Provide your physical mailing address and telephone number on the form
  • IR Uniform Agreement

Forms and sample documents:

Maternity uniforms:

Female personnel are authorized a maternity uniform in-kind: one maternity jumper, one pair of slacks or one skirt, and one long sleeve maternity blues shirt.

In addition to completed AF Form 656 and IR Uniform Clothing Agreement, and AF Form 469, Duty Limiting Condition Report with the expected date of delivery is required.


Some items are not included under FWT: Cotton briefs, bath towels, handkerchiefs, socks, cotton undershirts, and female undergarments.

Notification process:

The status is updated in myPers when order is submitted.

Completion process:

Once member receives the uniform items, they are responsible for signing and submitting the signed AF form via the original myFSS case. 

Items not available in KYLOC:

Some uniform items that are covered under the FWT Replacement policy are not available in KYLOC. In order to replace these items, Individual Reservists must receive pre-approval for reimbursement, purchase the items out of pocket, and then submit an OF 1164, along with their receipts, for reimbursement. Items commonly unavailable in KYLOC include, but are not limited to: fleece jacket, fleece hat, black pumps and steel-toed boots.

Request for reimbursement must be submitted and approved PRIOR to purchasing items.

Required documents:

  • Signed AF 656
    • Provide your ETS date in the ETS Block (must have 180 days from DOS)
    • Provide quantity
  • Signed IR Uniform Agreement
  • Sign OF1164 on block 10 “claimant Sign Here”

Once member receives approval, they are responsible for purchasing items.

Reimbursement process for pre-approved purchases:

  1. Complete the OF 1164 by itemizing each purchase and annotating the cost of each item
  2. Maintain receipt(s) - receipt(s) will accompany the OF 1164 claim and are a mandatory inclusion

Reimbursement will be paid via DFAS direct deposit.

‚ÄčNote: Due to current budgeting issues, request for reimbursement are currently on hold pending the release of funds. Reimbursement requests will be forwarded to DFAS for processing as soon as funds are approved on a first come first serve basis.

How to Submit:

Go to myFSS.  Search "IMA Management" and select AFR IMA HQ RIO Request.  Click "Submit a Request" and select "Uniform Replacement" as the category.  Provide the following information:
-Product:  Enlisted
-RIO Detachment:  HQ RIO
-Category:  Uniform Program, Replacement
-Attach Documents:  attach completed Uniform Agreement/656 (Attachment).

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