Officer Uniform Replacement

Officer Uniform Replacement

Officer Individual Reservists are normally ineligible for uniform replacements. However, if you served on active duty orders for at least 91 consecutive days, you may be entitled to clothing allowance every two years.

Note: Officers must complete 91 days of active duty before submitting request

Eligibility criteria:

  • Officer IR's initial request is payable only once in a career or active duty
  • Request upon completing 91 consecutive days of active duty

Request process:

  • Officer completes AF 1969 and submits request via myPers (Navigation: Reach out to your detachment for assistance, if you cannot reach your DET, contact the TFSC, Officer (drop-down menu), Compensation(drop-down menu), in the Subject field, enter “Uniform Replacement”)

Request contents:

  • Completed AF 1969 
    • Completes blocks 1-6 
    • Active Duty Commander completes block 7-8 
    • Completes 9a for initial request or 9b for Active Duty 
    • Sign form 
  • Certified AF 938, Request and Authorized for Active Duty Training/Active Duty Tour 
    • Complete blocks 36-44

Notification process:

The status is updated via myPers when request is sent to HQ RIO Reserve Pay Office for processing. Member will receive a clothing stipend via myPay.

Required forms/additional documentation:

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