Reserve Health Readiness Program

Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP)

Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) is a Total Force concern and essential to the successful execution of the Air Force mission. For the purposes of IMR related items (dental, immunizations and PHA) Air Reserve Component members including Individual Ready (IR) Reserve can accomplish some medical readiness appointments through the Reserve Health Readiness Program (RHRP). The Reserve Health Readiness Program may be used to provide PHA services through a nationwide network of non-military providers at a no out of pocket expense to the IR.

Services include: Air Force Mental Health Assessment (MHA) critical, Annual Dental Exam, Annual Dental Exam with Panograph, G6PD lab test, Hepatitis A immunization, Hepatitis B immunization, separation History and Physical Exam, TDAP immunization, Tuberculosis Skin test, Twinrix immunization, US Air Force Retention Exam and Varicella Immunization.

To be eligible for RHRP, you must live at least 40 or more miles from the nearest Military Treatment Facility (MTF).  Contact HQ RIO IR Medical to request RHRP services by submitting a myPers incident. The IR will need to complete the request form identifying the services needed. and once the request is submitted and approved, the IR will be contacted by Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) to schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that it can take a week or more between request submission and appointment scheduling. Please note that RHRP is funded and approved by HQ AFRC/SG and must be approved and coordinated through LHI.

 IRs should attempt to schedule IMR appointments with the MTF near their home of record first.

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