Leave Carryover

Leave Carryover

 - Leave can be transferred to an AGR/VPLAD tour with no break in service.

- Leave can be transferred between long tour MPA/RPA Orders. “Long tours” are orders that are longer than 30 days.

- If you are performing back-to-back orders with no break, this process may not be necessary. It depends on what order you are transferring leave from.
 IDTs/UTAs/AT Status’ are not eligible for use of leave

- Leave cannot be carried over to an EAD Program. An EAD (extended active duty) program is considered a RegAF program and leave carryover over into a different component is prohibited.

- Review the Air Force Reserve Command Leave Carryover Program Policy Guidance Phase II 

-When you start a new long tour that is not back-to-back, your leave balance on your LES will restart at zero. The LES is only tracking the leave you are earning on your current set of long tour orders. Without intervention, via a carryover package, the old leave that you earned on an old tour stays with that old tour. You then have two options: Sell back (if you haven't hit your 60-day sell back cap) or carry it over.

- If you are transferring from AGR to IMA, your leave carry over will need to be initiated with the active-duty FM shop that supported your AGR Unit and/or tour. They will need to create a CMS case with a member’s signed AF 1089, LeaveWeb balance, and SOU signed by the IMA unit CoC and Commander. 

Carryover Submission – In order to submit a leave carryover package, the member is required to submit a separate MyFSS case for each Leave Master Record (LMR) the member is requesting to move leave from.
Knowledge Article - Headquarters RIO > Pay > Leave Carryover (af.mil)
The processing time for leave carryovers is 30 to 45 days.
Required Documents – The following documents are required to process a leave carryover request. Examples of the forms required are provided in the Knowledge Article linked above.

  • All pages of your closed out order to include any modifications. Closed out orders must have blocks 36 through 44 completed. Additionally, they must be signed and dated after you have completed your tour
  • AF Form 1089 completed and signed. Section IV must include your order end date, order number (block 32 of your AF Form 938, page 1), and the requested number of days being carried forward. 
  • Leave Carryover Statement of Understanding signed and approved by your gaining Chain of Command.
  • All pages of your pre-certified order to include any modifications. Pre-certified orders must have blocks 36a-b and 38 through 44 completed. Additionally, they must be signed and dated at the beginning of your tour.
  • Your pre-certified order must include a leave carryover statement (not applicable to a member starting an AGR tour). If the order does not have this leave carryover statement, a modification will need to be provided with the leave carryover statement.
    • Example of leave carryover statement: “Member is approved to use XX days of leave carryover on this tour.”
  • Any part Is and part IIIs for leave taken during applicable tour and any outstanding part Is and IIIs as requested. 
Common Mistakes That Can Increase Processing Time:
  • Missing documents
  • Missing signatures
  • Missing leave carryover statement in pre-certified order
  • Closed- out orders provided not signed and dated at the end of the tour.

Step-by-step instructions:

Stage 1:

  1. The member may need to verify their ending balance from the previous tour/order. This can be done using a MyFSS ticket to the RPO to verify their leave balance in DJMS, and to ensure all Leave Part 1’s and Part 3’s have been turned in from the previous tour/order.
  1. The Statement of Understanding (SOU) is then reviewed and approved through the member’s gaining supervisor, and the gaining commander. The Statement of Understanding (SOU) is approved or denied at the commander’s discretion.
  1. The member provides the approved Statement of Understanding (SOU) to the M4S Manager / Orders Writing Cell (OWC) via a MyFSS ticket. The Statement of Understanding (SOU) is used to prep the next order.
  • The new order MUST have the carryover statement within the new order.
  • Carryover statement: “Member is approved to use XX days of leave carryover on this tour. If order is modified to accommodate leave carryover, then member is expected to use all leave, both approved carryover and accrued leave, within the order.”
  • If you’re an IMA and carrying leave to an AGR tour, you do not need the carryover statement in your AGR order.
Stage 2:
  1. When the member performs their first day of work, they must get their order pre-certified. (Complete AF938 Blocks 36A & B-44.)
  1. The member then turns in the pre-certified order to the active pay team via MyFSS ticket.
  1. Once the active pay team inputs the member’s order length and processes them in the pay system, the new order will populate in our leave system in approximately 5-10 business days AFTER the initial input.
  1. The carryover over process cannot begin until our RPO leave technicians see the new order in the leave system. The RPO technician will verify the initial Order length and all the supporting docs:
  • AF1089
  • Certified old order
  • Pre-Cert New order with Carryover statement
  • SOU
  • If needed: any old part 1s/3s to close out previously taken leave
  1. This process can take up to 60 business days, depending on if the correct documents have been turned in to the leave team.
  2. The carryover actions should begin at least a month prior to the new order expected start date.
 7. Actually Carryover processing cannot start until the new order (where the leave is being carried to) begins. ​

Keep in mind:
Orders will not be extended for the sole purpose of taking leave carryover. However, with the gaining commander’s approval of a leave carryover request, the leave carryover days will be “built into the orders” upfront and prior to orders initial publication, as part of the “tour length.” Once the orders are published, the orders cannot be amended after the fact to extend the order for the sole purpose of taking leave/leave carryover days.

Once you have the Leave Carryover Statement of Understanding and the authorization published in the order, you can submit the pre-certified order in myFSS to begin your bi-monthly pay. Keep in mind that the RPO and DFAS have to still process the carryover paperwork which means it may take much longer for that carried-over leave to show on your LES. 

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Average processing times once the ticket begins being worked by a technician:

- Leave Carry Over: 45-60 days to complete (sent to DFAS for processing)
- Leave Sell: 15-25 days to process/produce LES, depending on type of leave sell request
- Short/Long Tours: 5 business days to process; 8-9 business days to produce LES
- Accessions: 10 business days to process; If sent to DFAS it will take 15 days to process
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