Special Pay

Basic Allowance for Housing

Members on continuous active duty for 30 days or more are entitled to BAH, Type II (BAH II), unless in support of contingency.

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Overseas Housing Allowance

OHA is a monthly allowance for members who are on long tours (141 or more days on a training tour/181 or more days for non-training tours) to OCONUS, except Hawaii and Alaska. Members must have the base housing office complete the DD Form 2367. Members then submit it along with their rental agreement to the pay office via myPers. Note: This allowance is only authorized when not in a per diem status. Household Goods are only authorized if a HHG fund cite is on the orders. Please note that you will see BAHII and OHA on your LES if you are receiving OHA. (The two added together should equal the full OHA you are entitled to.)

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Family Separation Allowance

The FSA entitlement may be authorized if an IR is separated from their family for 31 or more continuous days, either CONUS or Outside the Contiguous United States (OCONUS). Complete DD Form 1561 and submit with your completed travel voucher to the pay office via myPers

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Enlisted Incentive Bonus
Enlisted IMAs may qualify in one of four categories to receive an incentive bonus; reenlistment, prior service, affiliation, or retraining. Bonuses are for eligible Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) which are on the critical career listing and manned at less than 100%. Eligible AFSCs are reviewed every six months and are subject to change. Payments are made in equal annual installments on the anniversary of the enlistment/reenlistment date. NOTE: AF Form 4010, Application for IMA Enlisted Bonus and Incentive, will not be accepted without the owning Detachment CC’s signature or the signature of their designated representative.  Members can submit the completed Form 4010 to the pay office via myPers.

Basic eligibility is as follows:
- Must not have more than 16 years total service based on pay date, at the time of reenlistment or prior service enlistment
- Must enlist/reenlist in a bonus-qualifying DAFSC with a Control AFSC (CAFSC) of at least a 3-skill level
- Enlistment/reenlistment must be for three or six years
- Must satisfy FY participation requirements each year
- Must not have received previous bonus from any RC
- If reenlisting, must be within 180 days of current Expiration of Term of Service (ETS)

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Cost of Living Adjustment

COLA (CONUS/Outside the Continental United States [OCONUS]) offsets the cost of living for specific locations. It is possible to receive OHA and COLA, or just one or the other. Members can use this website to find out more about CONUS COLA locations and this for OCONUS COLA locations. Complete the ARPC Form 0-103 and submit to to the pay office via myPers

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Hostile Fire/Imminent Danger Pay (HFP/IDP)

HFP/IDP is payable if authorized to perform hazardous duty for servicemembers in careers such as non-crewmembers, parachute jumping, demolition of explosives, handling toxic fuels, engaging in flight deck duty or experimental stress duty. Also servicemembers who perform flight duties as aircrew members and meet their service’s operational requirements may be entitled to HFP/IDP. A letter of certification of HFP/IDP duty from the command, DD Form 114, and Military Pay Order (MPO) must accompany the AF Form 938 or AF Form 40A. If the member is a non-rated aircrew member, they must hold current aeronautical ratings, meet monthly flying requirements, and maintain medical certification to receive HFP/IDP.

Servicemembers will receive $7.50 for each day they are on duty in an HFP/IDP area up to the maximum monthly rate of $225. Members who are exposed to a hostile fire or hostile mine explosion event are eligible to receive non-prorated Hostile Fire Pay in the full monthly amount of $225. Members cannot receive both IDP and HFP in the same month.

If the member is in a location that authorizes HFP/IDP or Combat Zone Tax Exclusion per the JTR, a Contingency Exercise Deployment Order (CED), AF Form 1610 and AF Form 938 that defines location in block 12 can be submitted to the pay office via myPers. In addition, they must submit one of the following that indicates arrival date in the Area of Responsibility (AOR):
- Signed DD Form 1351-2 (travel voucher)
- DTS Voucher Copy (not authorization)
- AF Form 1881 certified by Commander

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Incentive Pay

Aircrew members
HQ IR RIO/Host Aviation Resource Management (HARM) is the Aviation Resource 41 Management Office for IR aircrew members. Following is a list of the current types of incentive pay available to IRs. More information about HARM and a method of contact can be found at this specific myPers link.

Aviation Career Incentive Pay (ACIP) – Reserve Aviator Continuation Pay Program
Reserve officers qualified for ACIP may receive ACIP if they occupy rated positions, have passed the "gates" that require specific years of aviation service, and remain medically qualified for aviation service. Eligible members must provide an updated AF IMT 1042 to HQ IR RIO/HARM by the 4th of the month following the member’s birth month. Failure to provide the required documents will result in the member’s Aviation Service being suspended and flight pay entitlement terminated.

Hardship Duty Pay (HDP)
Hardship Duty Pay - Location Assignment (HDP-L)
HDP-L is compensation paid to members assigned outside the continental United States in Quality of Life (QoL) Hardship locations – Locations where QoL living conditions are substantially below the standard most members in the continental Unites States would generally experience. HDP-L is intended to recognize the extraordinary arduous living conditions, excessive physical hardship, and/or unhealthful conditions that exist in a location or assignment. Rates are payable in increments of $50, $100, or $150 a month based on level of QoL hardship in a given area. Hardship Duty Pay for Location Assignment (HDP-L) is payable to members for either permanent change of station duty or temporary/deployed/attached duty of over 30 days duration in specified locations. This entitlement is payable to both officers and enlisted members when assigned for duty in the locations listed in DoD 7000.14-R, Financial Management Regulation Volume 7A, Chapter 17.
Hardship Duty Pay - Mission Assignment (HDP-M)
HDP-M is payable to members, both officer and enlisted, for performing designated hardship missions. HDP-M is payable at the full monthly rate, without prorating or reduction, for each month, during any part of which the member performs a specified mission. Active and Reserve Component members who qualify at any time during a 42 month shall receive the full amount of HDP-M regardless of the period of time on active duty or the number of days they receive basic pay during the month. A member assigned to, on temporary duty with, or otherwise under the operational control of the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office, the Joint Task Force-Full Accounting, or the Central Identification Lab-Hawaii may qualify for HDP-M based on performance of a hardship mission. Members so assigned are entitled for each month in which they perform investigative or remains recovery duty for remains of U.S. servicemembers in remote, isolated areas; including, but not limited to, areas in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and North Korea.
NOTE: Effective February 15, 2007, the maximum total HDP-L that may be paid to a member in any 1 month who is also in receipt of Hostile Fire Pay/Imminent Danger Pay (HFP/IDP) is $100. The total entitlement of HDP-L plus HFP/IDP in any 1 month may not exceed $325.

Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)
Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) is an incentive to encourage enlisted members to qualify for and serve in designated duties involving the performance of extremely difficult duties or duties demanding an unusual degree of responsibility.
PIRR members are eligible; however, they only receive pay while on active duty orders.
IMAs receive pay while in any duty status. Contact your servicing Detachment for more information.
For the most up-to-date SDAP table, go to the SDAP myPers page.

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Information is current as of 13 Oct 2021

Reserve Pay Office:
  • Long Tours: 1 Oct 2021
  • Welcome Packages: 1 Oct 2021
  • Leave Part 1: 8 Oct 2021

Due to an surge in IMA orders, you can expect a longer than usual wait for pay submissions via myPers.  If you haven't received a response to your request in 30 business days, please call 800-525-0102 or DSN 665-0102 and it will be addressed as soon as possible.

Average processing times once the ticket begins being worked by a technician:

  • Leave Carry Over: 45-60 days to complete (sent to DFAS for processing)
  • Leave Sell: 15-25 days to process/produce LES, depending on type of leave sell request
  • Short/Long Tours: 5 business days to process; 8-9 business days to produce LES
  • Accessions: 10 business days to process; If sent to DFAS it will take 15 days to process
  • OCONUS entitlements: 12 business days to process; 12-15 business days to produce LES
  • Leave Number: leave number generated within 2 business days 
  • Pay Inquiries, including dates that are more than 11 months back: 60 business days
  • If you have any travel related documents for payment, please send them to the IR Travel Office
Order-Based Pay
  • Getting paid for orders for 30 or fewer days
  • Starting pay for orders of 31 or more days
Special Pay Establishing a Pay File
  • Establishing a Pay File
  • Direct Deposit
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • IDT Basic Pay
  • IDT Travel Pay
Contingency Pay Guidance

In order to receive entitlements authorized for a contingency area, please complete a DD 1351-2 listing your itinerary from the date you departed the states to present day. Please ensure yourself and your supervisor sign the DD 1351-2. Also submit a copy of your certified 938 and 1610 or CED order that shows which contingency area you are located.

For concerns regarding Reserve Pay, contact the Total Force Service Center at DSN: 665-0102 or Comm: 800-525-0102.  You can also submit a query ticket through myPers by clicking here

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Choose from the links below to submit your reserve pay request. No travel requests are to be submitted here.

  • IMA RPO Requests - BAH AF Form 594, BAH Waiver, COLA, Clothing/Uniform Allowance, IMA RPO Welcome Packages, Misc. inquiries
  • Leave Request - AF Form 988 Part 1, AF Form 988 Part 3, Leave Carryover, Leave Sell Back, Other leave inquiries
  • Short Tour Request - Mandatory use of the AROWS-R Tour of Duty Certification for orders of 30 or fewer days began 1 Dec 20. For instructions, go to the TODC Quick Guide.
  • Long Tour Request - MPA/RPA Orders greater than 31 days, Pre-certified & Close-out CONUS/OCONUS orders, Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA), Move in Housing Allowance (MIHA), Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)

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  • myPay - Official site for Leave and Earning Statements, tax withholdings, travel voucher advice of payments, etc. 
  • Bonds at Treasury Direct - Official site for U.S. Savings Bonds, as well as a bond calculator
  • DFAS - Defense Finance & Accounting Service - Pay Tables and much more
  • Military Compensation - DoD information about basic military compensation and benefits information about basic military compensation and benefits
  • AFMAN 65-116 Vol 1 Financial Management – Manual of Finance Guidance

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