Making Travel Arrangements


IRs must use the Commercial Travel Office (either through DTS or by calling the CTO) for any travel which is reimbursable.  For booking travel outside of DTS, call the CTO that services your active component unit of assignment.  Be sure to tell them you are a reservist.  If you have difficulty finding the number for your unit's servicing CTO, you can use the phone number found on this list.  Although it is labeled "after hours," these are the direct phone numbers for the service Travel Management Companies. 

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For any lodging reservations that are reimbursable (official travel), IRs need to book through DTS or directly with the on-base lodging at the duty location.  Reimbursement for travel will be applied in accordance with the JTR and rates most advantageous to the government.

Helpful Links In some states, lodging taxes are exempt.  However, it not only depends on the state, but whether or not you're using your GTC or a centrally-billed account. This website allows you to look up the state and whether or not your IMA GTC is exempt.  If it is, the form to provide the hotel is provided there as well. 

GSA Hotel Tax Exemption Website

Keep in mind that if you stay off base without a non-availability, you are limited to the cost of on-base lodging.  If you have a non-availability, you are limited to per diem, including the tax (if charged).  If your room is above that cost and you have no alternative, you can request "150% of allowed" on your orders.

Integrated Lodging Program

If you travel to a location where the Integrated Lodging Program (ILP) is applicable, lodging must be booked in the following order of priority:  1) Government quarters, 2) Privatized lodging, 3) DoD Preferred commercial lodging. If government quarters on a ILP site are not available, then you must use privatized lodging on the installation. If privatized lodging is not available, then you must stay at a DoD Preferred lodging hotel.

If you choose to stay at a DoD Preferred lodging hotel but government quarters or privatized lodging WAS available, then reimbursement will be limited to the government quarters or privatized lodging rate. If you choose lodging outside of these options, then reimbursement will be limited to the rate that the ILP priorities were available. Deviating from ILP guidance will result in lodging reimbursement being limited to the rate most advantageous to the government.



If you're conducting IDTs, your 40A acts as a replacement for orders. In cases where on-base lodging isn't accessible, you'll need a non-availability statement to accompany your travel voucher. Failure to provide this statement will cap your reimbursement at the on-base lodging/per diem rate for that location. If the installation where you'll conduct your IDTs is on an ILP, adhere to the outlined steps above to ensure accurate reimbursements.

Airline Reservations

If orders have already been approved, check the back of your orders to see whether the voucher will be filed in DTS or RTS.

- If DTS, members should log into DTS and book flights and lodging through the system.

- If RTS (or if orders are not yet approved), IRs can book travel by calling their base of assignment’s CTO or by calling the number for their unit's location from the DTMO TMC After-Hours List.

DON'T FORGET! Reservists can make flight reservations without approved orders, but approved orders (or a VOCO) must be submitted to CTO no later than 72 hours prior to travel.

If you qualify for IDT Travel reimbursement (Critical AFSC list), you may use the CTO to book your flights if you have already submitted your "IDT at Home Station" TDY request in AROWS-R.  That "TDY order" will need to be given to the CTO 3-days prior to your flight.  You can also get your airline tickets on your own, however. 

It MAY be possible to use Space-R travel for IDT travel.  According to AFI 24-605, V2, para 2.22:

2.22.  Inactive Duty Training (IDT).  Reserve component forces authorized in DoDI 4515.13, to travel on DoD aircraft for reserve inactive duty training, may be eligible to use a non-billable CIC (see Table 2.1).
      2.22.1.  Approved travel authorization may include a memorandum letter or appropriate service form, directing a member to perform IDT and must indicate the dates and locations of training and be signed by an approving authority other than the member. (T-2).
      2.22.2.  PSAs will process IDT travelers who are not pre-booked as space-r, after all other travel priority “4” passengers using travel priority “4 and type travel code “NR”. (T-2).

Car Rental

IRs may request a compact car rental while on orders (AT, MPA, RPA, school) by noting it in their DTS authorization.  You may be asked to provide a rental car worksheet (below).  Your orders will always state NO RENTAL CAR AUTHORIZED; however, that's standard text since orders are now written without travel entitlements.  All travel for orders is done through DTS. 

Rental cars are not reimbursable for IDT days.  

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Travel Navigation

Have questions about the DTS transition, orders, travel, or pay?  Join the HQ RIO Customer Service Hour each Thursday at 1100 MST/1300 EST.  HQ RIO and detachment staff members will be on hand to assist you.

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Information is current as of June 17, 2024

Travel Reimbursement Office:

- Currently Open MYFSS: 122 cases
RTS: currently working vouchers submitted 12 June, 2024
DTS (AT, MPA, RPA): currently working vouchers signed 6 June, 2024 (151 awaiting review)
        - Once reviewed, these vouchers to go the detachment for approval
DTS (IDT Travel, Mileage Only): currently working vouchers submitted 11 June, 2024
        -  IDT Travel and Mileage Only vouchers go straight to approval after the member submits
DTS (IDT Lodging): currently approving vouchers reviewed 11 June 2024
PCS: currently working vouchers submitted 16 June, 2024

Due to increased seasonal voucher volume, members can expect processing timelines of up to 30 business days to receive payment; this is contingent upon a complete and accurate voucher submission to TRO for processing.

FYSA:  Once vouchers complete technician review, they route through an auditor prior to being processed for payment.  Once audit is complete, anticipate approx. 14 business days for Advice of Payment (AOP) generation in myPay and payment to your account/GTC.

Actions for the Member:

1) File your Travel Voucher within 5 business days of completion of travel per the JTR. 

2) Monitor DTS or myFSS for corrections to your voucher as appropriate, and respond as soon as possible. 

3) Ensure your email is correct in your DTS and myFSS profiles to prevent delays in receiving notifications.

4) Communicate with your Detachment as soon as possible if your voucher is not meeting the processing times outlined above.

5) If reimbursement delays will likely cause your GTC balance to become past due, or if you anticipate reaching your credit limit due to back-to-back travel, discuss placing your GTC in Mission Critical Status with your active component GTC monitor as soon as possible. 

Making Travel Arrangements

- IDT Travel

- Lodging
- Airline Reservations
- Car Rental

GTCC Policies
- Who oversees your GTC
- GTC website

TFSC: 1-800-525-0102 - DSN: 665-0102

AFRC/FM Systems Help Desk (AROWS-R, UTAPSweb): 
Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday excluding Federal Holidays
UTA Weekend Hours:  1000-1400 EST per UTA Support Schedule
Phone (Toll Free): 1-877-294-5822 / DSN: 497-0166

Contact your detachment Organizational Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA).

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