As of 1 Oct 2023, RTS (myFSS) will no longer be used for IMA/PIRR travel reimbursement.  This website will be updated soon with new training and guides.  Click the "DTS Transition" link at the top of the website for more information. 

If your orders say to file for reimbursement via RTS, that means you'll file your voucher via myFSS. IRs don't use eFinance. 

There are detailed steps for filing RTS-based travel vouchers in the IR Guide (link on the right). When you've gathered your documents, be sure to submit them via the myFSS Travel Voucher Submission link HERE.

A new system is now available to assist IRs with creating the paperwork for RTS filing.  
DFAS-Rome built an online tool to quickly and easily draft 1351-2 vouchers.  You can access it directly on this link: https://smartvoucher.dfas.mil/voucher/consent


WHO: Any IR with MyPay Credentials or a CAC can access this easy to use tool

WHAT: DFAS SmartVoucher is an easy to complete travel voucher tool that guides you step-by-step through a series of questions, and then it creates a completed DD Form 1351-2. SmartVoucher makes sure all the required fields are filled in to create a complete and accurate voucher (think of all the time you save by not having to rework your voucher and getting paid faster!)  This is simply a step to assist you in completing the voucher correctly.  You will still need to follow the regular steps of sending the voucher and supporting documentation to HQ RIO travel via myFSS to get reimbursed.

HOW: Complete the 12351-2 by using DFAS SmartVoucher. 

Do not submit to DFAS. 

Do open a myFSS case to submit your travel voucher and attach the 1351-2 you generated by using DFAS SmartVoucher along with your supporting documentation.

Ensure that the 1351-2 is complete and accurate, capturing your entire itinerary, and is signed accordingly.  Ensure that your orders and travel receipts are attached to the myFSS case.


- Under SmartVoucher Step 5 "Itinerary Information", Members should click on "Add Itinerary Information" button once for EACH leg of their trip... ie. They should build and complete a pop-up worksheet for drive to the airport, travel on the plane, TDY location, etc.

- There is sometimes an initial ERROR 500 that pops up... if this happens to you, do not fret! SmartVoucher saves ALL of your forms in a library for you to go back and access even if you get this error.

  Additional RTS Resources

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Have questions about the DTS transition, orders, travel, or pay?  Join the HQ RIO Customer Service Hour each Thursday at 1100 MST/1300 EST.  HQ RIO and detachment staff members will be on hand to assist you.

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Meeting ID: 161 385 4292
Passcode: 936906

Information is current as of June 17, 2024

Travel Reimbursement Office:

- Currently Open MYFSS: 122 cases
RTS: currently working vouchers submitted 12 June, 2024
DTS (AT, MPA, RPA): currently working vouchers signed 6 June, 2024 (151 awaiting review)
        - Once reviewed, these vouchers to go the detachment for approval
DTS (IDT Travel, Mileage Only): currently working vouchers submitted 11 June, 2024
        -  IDT Travel and Mileage Only vouchers go straight to approval after the member submits
DTS (IDT Lodging): currently approving vouchers reviewed 11 June 2024
PCS: currently working vouchers submitted 16 June, 2024

Due to increased seasonal voucher volume, members can expect processing timelines of up to 30 business days to receive payment; this is contingent upon a complete and accurate voucher submission to TRO for processing.

FYSA:  Once vouchers complete technician review, they route through an auditor prior to being processed for payment.  Once audit is complete, anticipate approx. 14 business days for Advice of Payment (AOP) generation in myPay and payment to your account/GTC.

Actions for the Member:

1) File your Travel Voucher within 5 business days of completion of travel per the JTR. 

2) Monitor DTS or myFSS for corrections to your voucher as appropriate, and respond as soon as possible. 

3) Ensure your email is correct in your DTS and myFSS profiles to prevent delays in receiving notifications.

4) Communicate with your Detachment as soon as possible if your voucher is not meeting the processing times outlined above.

5) If reimbursement delays will likely cause your GTC balance to become past due, or if you anticipate reaching your credit limit due to back-to-back travel, discuss placing your GTC in Mission Critical Status with your active component GTC monitor as soon as possible. 

Making Travel Arrangements

- IDT Travel

- Lodging
- Airline Reservations
- Car Rental

GTCC Policies
- Who oversees your GTC
- GTC website

TFSC: 1-800-525-0102 - DSN: 665-0102

AFRC/FM Systems Help Desk (AROWS-R, UTAPSweb): 
Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday excluding Federal Holidays
UTA Weekend Hours:  1000-1400 EST per UTA Support Schedule
Phone (Toll Free): 1-877-294-5822 / DSN: 497-0166

Contact your detachment Organizational Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA).

RIO Connect

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