Developmental Education

Developmental Education (DE)

Air Force training programs provide individual servicemembers with the skills and knowledge to perform effectively in their duty assignments. Skill development of individuals is accomplished through a set of career patterns that involve various combinations of formal training, education and practical experience. Reservists can accomplish training in-residence, seminar method, or distance learning. More information can be found on the Force Development page of myVector (scroll to Developmental Education), or by talking to their AC UTM. AFI 36-2502 Airman Promotion Program, table 4.1, contains Professional Military Education (PME) requirements for enlisted personnel promotions.

Enlisted Developmental Education Board (EDEB)

The EDEB evaluates and recommends high potential enlisted members to attend select in-residence professional development courses. HQ ARPC publicizes the EDEB at least 3 months prior to the board. The invitation announcement will contain the EDEB convening dates, the EDEB application, nomination suspense and instructions, and POC information. Instructions for completing your development plan are posted on the myVector website, Force Development tab under the heading Developmental Education.

Reserve School Selection Board (RSSB)

The RSSB competitively selects Reserve officers to attend short developmental education, professional development, and joint in-residence courses. The RSSB convenes in January and July with a posted invitation to apply generally two months in advance of the board. The January board selects students for classes May through September; and the July board selects students for classes running. Members meeting the established course criteria are encouraged to apply.
NOTE: Class start dates are not available in advance; those selected will be notified in their reporting instructions.

PIRR members are eligible to apply; however, if selected, members will attend in a points-only status and will not be reimbursed for travel and per diem.

Reserve Developmental Education Designation Board (RDEDB) (Officer Only)

The RDEDB competitively selects reserve officers to attend in-residence Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) and Senior Developmental Education (SDE) Schools. The RDEDB convenes annually in the winter, with a posted invitation to apply the preceding summer. Members meeting the established criteria are encouraged to apply. Candidates are required to prioritize all schools for which they are eligible in order of preference. Packages must be staffed through their rater and detachment commander to their senior rater for final endorsement.

Non-board In-Residence and Distance Learning Courses

Member interested in attending courses which do not require board selection should speak with their AC UTM about eligibility and application. PIRR members are NOT eligible to attend in-residence courses. The complete application process and eligibility may be found in AFMAN 36-2136, Reserve Personnel Participation, the convening notice or members can contact their servicing Detachment for more information.

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