Air Force evaluation systems are designed to accurately appraise performance. Performance evaluation systems are an integral part of professional development. They are designed to provide a realistic assessment of performance, career standing, future potential, and actions required to assist the ratee in reaching the next level of professional development.

Evaluations with a close out year of 2022 or earlier are considered “legacy evaluations.”  This GUIDANCE (Effective 1 Sep 2023) provides direction for your active component MPF to properly finalize the evaluation. Legacy evals MUST BE at "work in progress" status NLT 31 Dec 2023.  If not, a gap report will need to be accomplished. 

2023 Changes: The Air Force is introducing new officer and enlisted performance evaluations with a competency-based framework. It will also shift to using narrative-style performance statements on evaluations, which were first implemented for award packages last fall. 

Implementation will begin with the colonel static close out date (SCOD) on Feb. 28 for officers and the chief master sergeant SCOD, on May 31 for enlisted.

The new competency-based assessments have four major performance areas: Executing the Mission, Leading People, Managing Resources and Improving the Unit, derived from AFI 1-2, Air Force Culture: Commander’s Responsibilities. The 10 Airman Leadership Qualities are integrated under their respective major performance areas and represent characteristics Airmen should embody.

Throughout the upcoming weeks, Airmen can expect specific guidance, policy and supplemental education and training materials required to successfully transition to competency-based evaluations with narrative-style performance statements. Competency-based evaluations are part of the Air Force’s transformation of the performance evaluation system to effectively measure, incentivize and develop future leaders.

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Enlisted Performance Report (EPR)

IRs in the grades of Senior Airman through Chief Master Sergeant require an EPR biennially, or every two years, according to the Static Closeout Date (SCOD) schedule.

NOTE: Extensions to the enlisted SCOD are not authorized.

Officer Performance Reports (OPR)

The Officer Performance Report (OPR) is vital to assignment, school selection, and promotion actions. IRs should provide the reporting official with useful, informative, and accurate performance documentation for use at the end of the rating period. OPRs are due annually, as long as the member has obtained a minimum of 16 points and 120 days of supervision during the rating period. A change of rater also initiates an OPR as long as a minimum of 16 points and 120 days of supervision of training have been completed under the direct supervision of the rater.
NOTE 1: ECI and Membership points cannot be counted towards the 16-point minimum requirement for an OPR.
NOTE 2: Approval of closeout extension date will be coordinated with AFRC/A1.

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