Force Development

Force Development

Force Development is the career-long pursuit of education, training, experiences and assignments that produces Citizen Airmen who possess the requisite skills, knowledge and motivation to lead and execute the full spectrum of Air Force Reserve missions. Each Citizen Airman is encouraged to seek out opportunities and experiences to remain professionally relevant throughout the course of their career. The overall goal of the force development program is to align career development of Reserve members with AFR mission needs, within the context and culture of the Citizen Airmen program.

The goal is to produce Citizen Airmen who possess the tactical experience, operational competence and strategic vision to lead and execute the full spectrum of Air Force missions.

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Development Teams (DT) (Officer, E9, E8, & E7 only)

The DT process is an opportunity for you to convey to your senior leadership your personal career goals and military education desires to further your military career. The board is a vehicle for your senior leadership to review your records and provide you personalized career mentoring to discuss assignment, leadership and education opportunities. The DT schedule is posted for each year on the myPers website, Force Development tab.

Reserve Enlisted and Officer Development Plans (R-EDP and R-ODP)

R-EDP and R-ODPs are a critical communication link between a reservist, a mentor (optional), the coordinator (usually the rater) and the DT. Development plans should be completed annually or when personal circumstances warrant. The plan should indicate education and training desires, assignment preferences, and goals. Development plans are updated in the Virtual Personnel Center (vPC) Dashboard, accessible through myPers. Instructions for completing your development plan are posted on the myPers website, Force Development tab.

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