Enlisted Promotions

There are three methods for enlisted promotion: unit vacancy, Stripes for Exceptional Performers I (STEP I) and Stripes for Exceptional Performers II (STEP II). IMAs can qualify for any of the three processes. PIRR members only qualify for STEP promotion processes IAW AFI 36-2502. Contact the URC, IC or Detachment with any questions concerning enlisted promotions.

Unit Vacancy Promotions
The majority of IMA promotions are processed under the Unit Vacancy Promotion Program. Promotions occur monthly on the first day of the month. The Unit Reserve Coordinator (URC) forwards a roster of eligible IMAs to the detachment commander. IMAs must be assigned as the primary incumbent of a position authorized at the next higher grade, meet all eligibility requirements, and be recommended by the unit commander.

Stripes for Exceptional Performers I (STEP I)
Under this program, IRs who meet eligibility criteria can be considered for promotion to TSgt regardless of position or overage status. A SSgt may be considered for promotion to TSgt when they attain 16 years of satisfactory service.

Stripes for Exceptional Performers II (STEP II)
This program is designed to promote outstanding and well-deserving Airmen, IRs who have clearly demonstrated the potential to serve in the next higher grade and meet eligibility requirements. A member can be promoted into the next higher grade of the billet assigned. Members eligible for consideration may be nominated by their unit commander for STEP II Board promotion consideration.

The Milestone dates for IRs are as follows: (See HQ RIO STEP II Supplemental)
  1. 12 Apr: Nomination packages due to the Detachment
  2. 10 May: Nomination packages due to HQ RIO
  3. 29 May: HQ RIO returns approved packages to nominees
  4. 10 Jun: Nominees submit approved packages to HQ ARPC via myVector
Once the member receives their approved package back from HQ RIO NLT 29 May, per instructions from HQ ARPC the member will need to submit their package to HQ ARPC via myVector.

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Officer Promotions

The reserve officer promotion system is based on the Reserve Officer Personnel Management Act (ROPMA), effective 1 October 1996. The action agency for officer promotions is the Reserve of the Air Force Selection Board Secretariat, HQ ARPC/Promotion Board (PB). Commissioned officers are selected for promotion by central selection boards which evaluate records using the “whole person” concept.
Factors included in the "whole person" assessment are job performance, level of assignments, professional competence, breadth and depth of experience, job responsibility, developmental education, and specific achievements (awards, decorations, and special recognition). All officers eligible for consideration to the grade of lieutenant colonel and colonel will have an AF Form 709 Promotion Recommendation Form (PRF) completed and submitted to the selection board. The promotion cycle begins about 120 days before the board convenes. When the board meets, at least five board members independently assess the Officer Selection Folder. The assessment of all folders is combined to form an order of merit listing and the select and non-select decisions are made from this list. The board president ensures consistent, equitable promotion consideration for all eligible officers.
Information on the 2-line Promotion Recommendation Form (PRF) can be found on myPers under the Promotion Tab.
In the fall of 2020, ARPC will be incorporating new developmental categories into promotion boards. These new categories are: Air Operations and Special Warfare, Space Operations, Nuclear and Missile Operations, Information Warfare, Combat Support and Force Modernization. More information is available on myPers under the promotion tab.
For assistance in determining when you will meet a promotion board; please see the promotion calculator on myPers under the Promotion tab, Pre-Promotion Board Information, Promotion Board Eligibility.

AF Form 709

Mandatory Consideration
Officers eligible for mandatory consideration for promotion will receive a computerized Officer Pre-selection Brief (OPB). The OPB is a historical brief of the officer’s career, developmental education, decorations, duty history, or point summary civilian educational record, etc. The OPB should be reviewed upon receipt, immediately reporting discrepancies to the appropriate agency. All reserve officers in active status, to include PIRR, are eligible for consideration for promotion if they meet the following criteria:
- Must be on the Reserve Active Status List (RASL), the active duty list (ADL), or a combination of both for one year before the board convening date
- Remain in active status until the effective date of promotion
- Meet the Date of Rank requirements shown below
For promotion to  Time in Grade (years)
First Lieutenant 2
Captain 2
Major 7
Lieutenant Colonel 7
Colonel 4

Position Vacancy (PV) Consideration
Promotions under this program give commanders the means to nominate exceptionally well qualified candidates for promotion to fill vacancies in the grades captain through lieutenant colonel. PV boards convene annually. PIRRs are not eligible for this promotion program. Officers must meet the following criteria:
- Must have at least 50 credit points for a year of satisfactory service during the last R/R year
- Must occupy, or be reassigned to the position for which nominated at the time of submission of the PRF
- For captains through lieutenant colonel, the officer must occupy a position with an authorized grade higher than the officer’s current grade (not an overage) Time in Grade (TIG) requirements:
For promotion to Time in Grade (years)
Major 5
Lieutenant Colonel 5

Officer Selection Record (OSR)
OSRs are part of the Master Personnel Record (see Master Personnel Record Group [MPerRGp]) and consist of documents given to selection boards for consideration. Only certain documents can be included in the folder, per AFI 36-2501 para. 2.11 Officer Promotion and Selective Continuation. Information regarding appeals for removal of information can be found in AFI 36-2603. The selection board may consider a letter to the board from the member. Such letters are not required, but may be useful to explain, rebut, or mitigate information in the selection folder. For example, a letter might be useful to explain periods of unsatisfactory participation when board members might not otherwise know the circumstances. The member may review the documents that are in their records in Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA), which is linked on the myPers homepage.

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