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 (This was sent to all IMAs and PIRRs 21 June 2024. If you did not receive it in your personal email, please log in to the vMPF and make sure you have a good personal email in that system.)


The RIO Buzz                                                                                                           Vol 73

The hot issue for this buzz is issues persist in accessing AROWS-R and UTAPS from a personal computer without a military-network solution, such as Desktop Anywhere, USAF VPN, or direct NIPR connection.

Furthermore, some users have reported experiencing intermittent connectivity when utilizing the military alternatives provided. I have raised this concern with AFRC/FM for their attention.

Unfortunately, the problem of being unable to directly access the AROWS-R and UTAPS websites from a personal computer may not be resolved soon.

To mitigate this issue, we have provided several workarounds in an article released last week (available HERE) as backup options if the 'passthrough' choices are unsuccessful.

Col Duke and I are making every effort to resolve this issue in collaboration with AFRC and alleviate the resulting administrative burden.

Now, the Buzz …


U.S. Space Force Virtual Townhall on 25 Jun 24
WHAT: Virtual PMA Townhall
WHEN: 25 June, 1500 PDT/1800 EDT
WHERE: MS Teams ( or +1 410-874-6750,,462028739#
WHO: AFR members with the following AFSCs interested in joining the USSF in a full time capacity : 13S, 17X, 14N, 6X, 1C6X1, 1N0, 1N1, 1N2, 1N4, 1N8, 1D7X1, 1D7X2, 1D7X3



AFRC has implemented a change, reducing the inactivity login period for UTAPSweb from 90 days to 30 days. As a result, users who have not logged in after 30 days will now have their accounts disabled.

To prevent inconvenience/work stoppage, we recommend that all users set up security challenges to enable self-management of account access and reactivation, without needing to contact the UTAPS Help Desk. Users who have not yet configured their challenge questions or have incorrectly answered them more than twice will need to reach out to the UTAPS Help Desk at (for quicker support) or by calling the toll-free number 1-877-294-5822, Option 2.

'Passthrough’ options for accessing AROWS-R

If you experience issues with the alternative ways to access AROWS-R, here are some workarounds:

· To obtain a copy of your orders, reopen your orders request case in myFSS and request a copy. Link HERE.

· To submit orders for pay, have your supervisor manually sign your orders (either digital or wet) and submit them for processing through myFSS. Use the RPO Request link HERE.

· To generate pay for IDTs, download and complete a 40A form, obtain all three signatures, and submit your signed 40A through the myFSS RPO Request link HERE.

If you need to have IDTs scheduled, approved, deleted, or any UTAPS-related issues, contact your UTAPS-assigned supervisor. He/she can do everything you can do in UTAPS. If your supervisor needs assistance, contact the UTAPS Support Cell at They can also help.


myDecs re-launches, rebranded to MyDecs Reimagined Your active-duty unit handles your decoration and/or award processing. If you have any queries related to decoration or award processing, first contact your active-duty CSS or MPF. Your active-duty CSS or MPF can also assist with previous awards and decorations missing in your records.

You can self-nominate in myDecs Reimagined; however, that functionality is limited. Currently, the Combat Readiness Medal and Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) are available for self-nomination, with more awards to be added in future releases. The current functionality does not include DAF Military Decorations such as Achievement and Commendation medals, in accordance with governing policy. For these decorations (achievement and commendation medals), you will need to speak with your active-duty supervisor to be nominated. It is recommended that Reservists have a decoration in their record every 3-4 years.

ARPC will address any Reserve-specific policy concerns via myFSS by selecting ‘Ask A Question’. However, queries that are already addressed in other policies, guides, and laws will be directed to those sources. Please refer to the MyDecs Reimagined guide for more information. This guide is an excellence resource and provides videos demonstrating how to nominate and self-nominate for a decoration.

Missing evaluations?

Legacy evaluations (AF Forms 707, 910, 911 and 912) needed to be finished and updated in the records by 31 Dec 2023. If any legacy evaluations are missing and have not been uploaded, a gap report (AF77) must be completed. To submit a gap report, you should get in touch with your active-duty CSS or MPF, who can submit the gap report via myFSS in the "Ask a Question" feature. In the coming weeks, we will send a message to the Unit Reserve Coordinators to explain the gap report process.


Delays in retirement certificate shipping from ARPC The Department of the Air Force Publishing Office's backorder of Retirement Certificates has resulted in ARPC running out of both Certificates of Retirement (DD Form 363) and Certificates of Appreciation for Spouses (AF Form 1344). If your retirement application has been approved, ARPC will mail your retirement items as soon as the backorder is fulfilled. For those who are having a retirement ceremony before the backorder is cleared, we recommend using the mock certificates available on myFSS HERE. To access the mock certificates, look for Answer ID: 000009088 in myFSS or find the links at the bottom of the page.



SUBJECT: Ulchi Freedom Shield 24 (UFS24) - 7AF CJACCE
DESCRIPTION: This event is a large-scale, simulation-driven command post training event to exercise operational readiness. The event involves ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), United States Forces Korea (USFK), and United Nations Command (UNC) Staffs and their Component Staffs.
SEEKING: Warfighters (O4 minimum) with experience in flying operations, plans, ISR, airspace management, and air mobility.
GRADES/AFSCs: O4 and above/11X, 12X, 18X, 13B, 13M, 16G, 14N, 21R (others may be considered on a case by case basis).

TDY DATES: 10 Aug - 30 Aug 2024 including one week of mandatory academics (this TDY is funded by PACAF/A37 - Warfighters will be sourced in DCAPES and issued CED orders).

LOCATIONS: 7th Air Force, Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea w/ operating locations at the COMPONENT COMMANDS: Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff (ROKJCS); Combined Forces Command (CFC); Combined Ground Forces Command (CGCC); Combined Naval Component Command (CNCC); Combined Marine Component Command (CMCC); Combined Special Operations Component Command (CSOCC); 2nd Operational Command (2OC); Combined Military Information Support Component Command (CMISOCC) *Note: AFRC O6 and above participation will be coordinated through AFRC/CD channels for approval. All O6 and above participation will be required to submit the below information prior to being officially tasked in DCAPES*

· Biography

· Immediate supervisor approval via email

· NAF/CC approval (if different form immediate supervisor) via email

· IR Volunteer Statement of Understanding (for IMAs only)

· Security Manager's contact information

· Security clearance status

· Installation Personnel Readiness (IPR) contact information

· Unit Deployment Manager's contact information

· Three most recent OPRs

· Career Data Brief

· Current Fitness Report Please contact Col Elisabeth “Apples” Applegate ( if you are interested in volunteering and/or have any questions.


AETC is seeking PA augmentation up to one year (negotiable) at Ebbing Air National Guard Base, Arkansas, in support of international F-35 training ops. This will be in-person. The unit will fund per diem/rental (or provide government vehicle), and lodging for the member. This is a one deep position with very limited host wing PA support. Report date is negotiable.

POSITION: (1) Public Affairs Specialist or Officer
LOCATION: Ebbing Field ANGB, Ft Smith AK
Tour dates: 1 July 2024 – 30 June 2025 (May ask member to extend to 31 Sept 25)
Rank: MSgt/E-7 – Maj/04 Suspense: 24 Jun 2024
Duty Description: Employ PA tactics in support of international F-35 flight training operations.

For more information, please contact Mr. Robert Jackson, Chief, AETC PA Programs and Resources Division, at or Comm: 210-652-2208 DSN: 487-2208.


Col Nathan “N8” Day
HQ RIO Commander

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