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(This was sent to all IMAs and PIRRs 10 May 2024. If you did not receive it in your personal email, please log in to the vMPF and make sure you have a good personal email in that system.)


The RIO Buzz                                                                                             Vol 70

I have been the RIO CC for almost nine months, and I am daily astounded by the work you all are doing. I just attended an Active-Duty event and was humbled by the response from my AC counterparts when I told them who I represented. Thank you for what you do for the AF. I promise, that in return, every member RIO will continue to give 110% to ensure you are not alone. Now the Buzz... 

IR All Call next Tuesday (May 14) at 1100 MT/1300 ET

You are invited to join HQ RIO Commander Col Nathan Day for an IR All Call Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at 1100MT. The event will be a ZoomGov webinar format.  This allows attendees to access it from any government or personal computer or phone.  Attendees can also ask questions in a moderated Q&A format. 

Event info below:  
Passcode: 773890 
Dial-in info:  
+16692545252,,1619388382#,,,,*773890# US (San Jose)  +16468287666,,1619388382#,,,,*773890# US (New York) 

DTS Café has expanded and is now the Customer Service Hour

The RIO Team is constantly trying to find ways to better support you. One of the biggest “wins” we have had has been the DTS Café. During the DTS Transition, we decided a weekly ZoomGov call would be the best way to help answer/address your concerns. The reviews, both internal and external, were so overwhelmingly positive that we increased the number of SMEs and expanded the areas in which you can receive help. We are not going to stop here. RIO is looking into offering more sessions and different times to support our geographically/time zone/requirement diverse population. We are still robusting the HQ RIO Webpage to reflect this, but in the interim, you can still access help HERE. The Customer Service Hour is currently offered every Thursday at 1100MT/1300ET. Seriously, if you have a problem, don’t go to Facebook first, come talk to us, we like you and want to help you.  

Lodging Reimbursement IAW Joint Travel Regulation

Reimbursement for lodging is subject to the rules outlined in the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR). Members are required to arrange their travel through the Defense Travel System (DTS), unless specified otherwise. Furthermore, both the JTR and the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) mandate the use of the Integrated Lodging Program (ILP). Many installations participate in this program, and a comprehensive list can be accessed HERE. When travelling on orders, to include when filing for IDT lodging reimbursement, members must adhere to the following lodging priorities: (1) Government quarters, followed by (2) Privatized lodging, such as Privatized Army Lodging, and finally (3) DoD Preferred commercial lodging. For those traveling to ILP-participating installations, reimbursement will be made at the rate that is most advantageous to the government. Anticipate that your orders will include a statement with the ILP link as a reminder of the lodging guidelines and reimbursement constraints. For additional details and guidance on ILP click HERE.  

Individual Reservist (IR) of the Year Nominations

Nominations for Outstanding IR of the Year are being accepted until May 31, 2024. Award categories are: Amn, NCO, SNCO, CGO, and FGO. Nomination packages include an endorsement by your active-duty commander, AF Form 1206, your fitness history report, and ARCNet report. Full details and nomination templates can be found HERE.  

New Retirement Process

Effective immediately, IRs are required to submit their retirement applications directly to their respective Det CCs via myFSS as opposed to the previous process of routing them through the HQ RIO Talent Management Consultant (TMC). Any retirement applications previously sent to the HQ RIO/TMC have been re-routed to the Det/CCs. No further action is necessary for previously submitted applications.  

Annual Tour Reminder 

Annually, Individual Reservists (IRs) are required to submit their AT orders requests to the Orders Writing Cell (OWC) in myFSS by May 31. Even if dates are uncertain, members MUST still submit orders requests. Modifications to the dates can be requested later, even after May 31. Submissions beyond this date must be accompanied by a late AT request memo, which requires endorsements from your AC CC (or unit O-6) and your RIO Detachment CC. You can find the memo template HERE. After May 31, AT funding allocation will be uncertain, and there are no guarantees that late requests will be able to be fulfilled based on availability of funds in the last quarter of the FY. 

Getting You Paid Faster

Since January 2024, the Top 2 reasons for vouchers being returned by the RIO Travel Reimbursement Office (TRO) are: 1) missing attached orders (AF 938) and/or 2) claiming per diem while on Annual Training (AT). Members are only authorized per diem if they possess a non-availability letter and have lodged off base during AT. With the arrival of summer, there will be an increase in members performing duty, potentially leading to further payment delays if vouchers are returned. Once returned, your voucher goes to the bottom of the queue. Therefore, it's crucial to remember to attach a copy of your 938 orders to your Defense Travel System (DTS) voucher and refrain from claiming per diem while on AT, unless you have a non-availability letter. The fewer vouchers the TRO returns, the faster you get paid. 

Data pull errors in ARCNet

Errors in data retrieval within ARCNet have been observed and noted as widespread but not affecting all IR members. For some, ARCNet is not updating the latest physical fitness assessment (PFA) results from myFitness or updated IMR status. While AFRC/A6 seeks to resolve the myFitness issue, members are encouraged to attach their PFA history report to any case in myFSS where ARCNet verification is expected to prevent processing delays. Common activities requiring an ARCNet review include: all order requests to the Orders Writer Cell (OWC), all waiver packages, aviation requalification packages, FAC waivers, and Accelerated Mission Readiness Training (AMRT) packages. 

‘Unhandled fault’ error resurfaces 

The "unhandled fault" error has resurfaced on the myFSS platform, particularly within the Assignments category in the RIO Detachment Inquiry. Our team is actively engaged and is utilizing all resources to rectify this issue and restore complete system functionality. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. As a temporary measure, we recommend submitting a request and uploading any content, even a blank document, when prompted to upload. Historically, this workaround has bypassed the unhandled fault, enabling members to successfully submit their requests. If the workaround proves ineffective, please forward a screenshot of the encountered error along with a detailed account of the intended action (e.g., submitting a 1288, uploading a non-EAD commissioning package) to your servicing detachment via email. Detachment organizational email addresses can be found HERE.   

Yellow Ribbon Program

If you've returned from a deployment in the past 12 months or transitioned from a Traditional Reservist to an IR billet after deploying within the last year, you may qualify to attend a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) Event! What does the YRRP do? We arrange for you and your guests to be flown by commercial air to a resort (locations vary), where transportation, lodging, and meals are provided for a 2-day forum. During this forum, you and your support system will receive resources to help you prepare for, execute, and return from a deployment (must be in support of a contingency). The next Yellow Ribbon event is in San Diego on July 19-21, 2024. To request more information, email



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